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Joe Girardi Has Ruined the Chemistry in the Bronx Bullpen

May 8, 2009

At the very start of the year we all thought this could be one of the best bullpens in baseball. With the likes of DeMaso Marte, Jose Veras, Brian Bruney, ...

Melky Cabrera Proves His Worth

May 1, 2009

More empty seats down low, but the Yankees found some late game energy nonetheless. A.J. Burnett got off to a rocky start but put together a solid seven inning, four—run ...

With the Youngsters Lighting Up What Will Become of Chien-Ming Wang?

April 30, 2009

After Joba Chamberlain's magnificent performance against the Tigers a thought that I had been having the last few days entered my mind once more. What will happen to the once ...

Phil Hughes: Making a Case For the Yankees Starting Rotation

April 29, 2009

Coming off of a four-game losing streak, including a sweep by the dreaded Red Sox, the Yankees needed a spark. With Wang off the team (for the time being), they ...

Jacoby Ellsbury Steals Home: How Did the Yankees Let It Happen?

April 26, 2009

Among the obscurities of baseball—the knuckle ball pitcher, the unassisted triple play, the suicide squeeze, and perfect games—lies one that is just baffling: stealing home. Just how does a team ...

The Blunder Chronicles: Yet Another Joe Girardi Bullpen Rant

April 26, 2009

When is Joe going to learn how to manage the bullpen? I'm starting to think Don Mattingly should absolutely be the Yankee manager at this point. Too bad he's with ...

Yankees-Red Sox: The Rivalry Returns

April 23, 2009

The greatest rivalry in sports is set to kickoff this week as the Yankees battle the Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston. Both teams come in with a 9-6 ...

Hideki Matsui: Godzilla’s Future in the Bronx

April 22, 2009

It looks like Hideki Matsui is starting to find his swing. He went 2-for-3 against the A's with a walk on Tuesday. What's Godzilla going to bring to the table ...

New York Yankees: My Assessment of the Yankees so Far

April 20, 2009

Now that the first two weeks of baseball are finished, I thought I'd write my assessment on our beloved Yankees so far in this season, which is when I watch ...

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