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New York Yankees Make an Appearance in the Joe Mauer Negotiations

March 17, 2010

We'll call this a brief cameo, thanks to Bill Madden: Like everyone else in baseball, the Yankee high command is watching with keen interest how the Joe Mauer negotiations with the ...

Hal Steinbrenner Confirms What We Already Know

March 10, 2010

Nearly a month ago, Brian Cashman declared that there will be no talks with either Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera regarding contract extensions: When Brian Cashman looks at Derek Jeter, Mariano ...

Is Carl Crawford Bronx-Bound in 2011?

February 23, 2010

Did the New York Yankees' reluctance to give Johnny Damon two years deal reflect something about their love for free agent to be Carl Crawford? According to Jon Heyman, the ...

Will the New York Yankees Go After Aroldis Chapman?

December 23, 2009

Lost in the shuffle of the Yankees tremendous offseason has been their relative inactivity on the Aroldis Chapman front. At the beginning of the offseason, the Yankees were heavily linked ...

Analyzing the Javier Vazquez-Melky Cabrera Trade

December 22, 2009

By acquiring Javier Vazquez, the Yankees are addressing one of their more pressing needs this winter: more starting pitching. By acquiring Vazquez, they sure picked up a good one. Vazquez is ...

What Does the Nick Johnson Contract Mean for Adam LaRoche?

December 18, 2009

Coming into the offseason, the two top free agent first basemen on the market were Adam LaRoche and Nick Johnson. Besides the fact that they are both left-handed ...

For Johnny Damon, What’s Next?

December 18, 2009

Last night, the Yankees and Nick Johnson came to terms on a one year/$5.5 million contract that all but ends Johnny Damon's tenure with the Yankees: In a move that almost ...

Nick Johnson Can Do So Much Better than New York Yankees

December 17, 2009

Could Nick Johnson be returning to the Bronx? Maybe: The Yankees and Nick Johnson are talking about the sweet-swinging lefty and on-base machine replacing Hideki Matsui as the world champions’ designated ...

The Market for Chien Ming Wang

December 13, 2009

A few years ago, Chien Ming Wang was considered the Yankees' ace. Now, Wang isn't even a Yankee. In fact, after being non tendered yesterday, Wang has no team: Wang, 30, ...

Rich Harden: Free Agent at the End of the Season

October 1, 2009

Over the course of his career, Rich Harden has been a maddeningly frustrating pitcher. At times, Harden looks like the best pitcher on the planet because he has the stuff ...

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