“You Win Some, You Lose One”: The Motto Of The New York Yankees

July 3, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

What a nice seven-game win streak the Yankees had been on till our loss tonight in the third game to Seattle Mariners. The Yankees won two out of three to takes the series.

In response to the loss, just as Girardi said after the game, these athletes are human beings who can’t win every game and I could not agree more. As a fan, I think I forget that sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the streaks would go on for 40 or 50 games? Of course it would but that would make it boring and pretty uneventful.

Lets pretend that the one team won 120 games cruised on to win their division and continued to be champions of their respected division. This super-human team of athletes would be the projected winner in the World Series by such odds, obviously. The city this team called home had already started celebrating and the only thing not prepared for the ticker tape parade was just contingent on how quickly they would win.

Does it hurt more to let’s say if this team lost? I can tell you from experience that beating the team that seemed unstoppable is one of the best feelings I have ever had as a fan. Can you guess what two teams I am referring too?

I am referring to when my New York Giants beat the 17-0 New England Patriots in 2007.

Why the hell am I bring this up now? I am referring to this because I want that feeling again for the Yankees this year.

Yes, I am talking about the 26 ringed dynasty that was the franchise a decade ago to aspire too. I know so many haters of the Yankees who hate them for becoming what the team represents today. So I wonder is it the big payroll or the loyal fans that makes so many root against the Yanks? Do the players on the Yankees not play as hard as the rest cause they go home to bigger houses and drive a Ferrari or at least have one?

I guess it must be jealousy but then as a fan I wonder why every player in baseball would dream to play in pinstripes?

The clamors of discontent is obviously more of a fan issue. I could care less if Theo Epstein spent one billion dollars in the offseason cause if the Red Sox won the World Series that season he would be hailed a genius and money well spent. Even though I would rather do a lot of (way to improper to blog) things than root for the Red Sox but I don’t think any Mass-hole fan would be to concerned of the money then.

Fans don’t care where or how or why if there the champions in the end. Regardless of payroll or what uniform an athlete happens to represent don’t all deserve a fair chance if they work hard?

As well stated many times I cannot stand Johnathan Papelbon, but he works hard and wants to win. His attitude is a little too much like a NFL wide receiver and maybe he could stop doing the constipated monkey dance but he is still a hard worker on the field. Do I love A-rod’s off the field, excuse me but bullshit? No but the guy works his butt off on the field and I know he wants to be part of a team.

Selfish of me to want a twenty-seventh ring? I don’t really care what anyone thinks but it’s time and I think the time is now.

I look at the Yankees as I had been at the Giants for the three years prior to 2007. Girardi is getting criticized like Cofflin. In the same sense the media is focusing on who will take over for Girardi and it has gotten as bad as saying after the All-star break. Cofflin just a little over a month before his team won. Everyone criticized his strict practice rules and old-school mentality as outdated which is why his team didn’t respond when it counted. Scariest part is the way these same critics hailed Cofflin’s methods and so convincingly that I started to believe there support was never frayed before.

Just tonight, listening to the first questions after the lose was to the like of Tex being in a slump. Or how Sabathia looked off tonight. It didn’t take a genius to think up that question as CC struggles but he had an off night and its not like he is about to go on a Wang type run. And so what if he did the team will pick him up. The New York media is brutal and if it was deserved so would I rip my team. Difference is that it would be for only one reason, if I felt it were necessary. I believe somewhere it has to bite at my beloved Yanks even if claimed otherwise.

I have questioned some of Girardi’s tactics but I wondered a lot about Torre’s strategies at many points too. I want A0rod to get his ring and do it in a year the team was not on his shoulders completely. The media is still whipping up any stats to put the team’s wins on Rodriguez performance but don’t they see the Yankees for being a good team?

I want a World Series and I want to shove it any one’s face who questioned the tactics used to get there. Will Cashman be a spending genius? Maybe Hank and Hal will be finally the owners to aspire too be more like? Do you think A-rod will finally get a break if he has a ring on his middle finger to flick the jerks who ripped him for years? Who knows but boy would that be something to watch!

The Yankees just keep doing what you do best win some and lose one!

Oh and please, please make it the season where finally the players get what they work so hard for, a championship. Your fans don’t care what anyone else says because it is will deserved, trust me!


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