YANKS MOVE FORWARD! Are The Halos Ready for the Bronx?

October 12, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

So, at the beginning of this season I wrote that the Yanks had a shot. All the Bawston guys were yelling through their keyboards at me. Hmmm.

Turns out I was right. Turns out that having Texieria, Posada, Swisher, and Cabrera—all switch hitters—in one lineup is pretty annoying for opposing teams. The main hitters in this fall roundup are:

A-Rod: .455

Jeter: .400

Posada: .364

Thus far, the Yanks do not have a starter with an ERA over 1.50, while the Angels have Kazmir at 7.50 all by himself. The pitching matchups are going to be huge in this, and to me will be the deciding factor.

The last time Weaver faced the Yanks in the Bronx he did not fare well.  The Angels have almost as good of a lineup as the Yankees, but the Yanks have a deep fast bench, with outfield replacements that are defensive upgrades.

The fact that the Yankees have seven guys who hit 20 HRs this season and that one of the guys who did not hit 20 HRs has more career hits than Lou Gehrig is even more impressive.

The fact that Yankees bullpen and closer is very superior to the Halos is a big deal. The Joba/Hughes/Mo parade at the end of games is impressive. It all falls down to Gaudin and if he can use his new found slider control to shut up the Halo bats for six innings the Yankees will have one hell of a shot.

No park is louder or more intimidating come October than the Bronx and Abreu will not be able to think with the Bleacher Creatures right above his head. It is my firm belief that if the Yankees hit balls to the right field warning track  over and over they could score a thousand runs because of Abreu’s fear of the wall. Abreu also never dives for balls in the outfield.

I will say Swisher is not the best fielder….but he will dive and smash into the wall if he has to.

The Yanks can beat Weaver.They did a few weeks ago. They will beat Kazmir. With CC on the other end of a Lackey Start the game is wide open. Pettite will compete, because he knows this is pretty much his last shot at a ring. Gaudin must show up.

A Rod is hitting. Tex is hitting. Jeter and Posada are hitting. Others will follow.

Edge Yankees.

What do you think?


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