Yankees Should Trade For a No. 3 Pitcher

July 15, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The Yankees need to rummage in their closet and find what does not fit in their life anymore and eject it…that old pair of shoes…that worn out coat…

And some pitchers and postion players who have outgrown their use.

1) Jose Molina—Although Molina has a good defensive mindset, I saw him overshadowed by a rookie Francisco Cervelli, who called great games and was hitting very clutch. .333 RISP and .444 RISP with two outs. Molina needs to expand as a major league hitter and he cannot do it in the minors. Especially since Jesus Montero is underneath Cervelli and he needs to be shown that he is getting closer. Molina is clogging the drain. Cervelli calls better games. That winning streak was no fluke. Molina has trade value. I also want to see Posada’s replacement chilling with Posada.

2) Nick Swisher—Now I like Swisher. I like what he brings to the team and he was meant to be first base or backup outfield. Then Nady fell apart. He is not very quick out there in the field and has a lot of goofy plays. In steps Mr. Hinske. He is more consistent. All around quality every day player who can play third and first as well. Melky is stepping up and can fill left or right. Swisher has trade value.

3) Ian Kennedy—Let’s face the music…he is right in Kei Igawa-land, the place where no one will ever call. He would be good on the padres or somewhere with less pressure…give him that shot…he is never going to be a Yankee. He is no Mike Mussina.

4) Cody Ransom—He is too old to be making the amount of mistakes that he is making and the level of hitting that he has fallen to. He is an easy out and I’ve seen A-Rod jam in front of him recently and scoop and throw to first…instead of possibly have him miss it. On another team with less pressure like the Nationals…

The Yanks have to move these guys and maybe Claggett and get a No. 3 pitcher. Pettite is a No. 5.

Hughes is a No. 4—Joba is becoming more and more of a reliever to me and Chien Ming Wrong has a serious meltdown going on that he may not come back from.

The Yankees should go after Bedard. this is a fine tuning situation where if Cashman tweeks it a tiny bit they can end up winning the World Series. Without this move, it seems to me that the Yankees will not make it out of the first round of the playoffs—where a team needs three solid starts in a row.

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