Yankees-Red Sox, Burnett Vs. Beckett, Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Sunday night, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox pitching match-up of AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett is by far the most exciting.

The Yankees will have their hands full here on Sunday night pending which AJ Burnett is on the mound against a healthy Josh Beckett.

Both pitchers have a lot of passion and will fight till the end if need be, bloody and all. If there is ever a chance for a good, old-school Yankees-Red Sox bench clearing brawl…Sunday night is the perfect set-up.

Let’s look at Sunday match-up:


Will the ace AJ Burnett please show-up? That is what the Yankees are hoping for, as Burnett needs to be solid because Beckett is throwing to well for anything else. Burnett can be lights out, un-hittable, but whether he lasts four innings or seven is unknown to even Burnett himself.

If Burnett’s last outing against his old team and power-hitting Toronto Blue Jays was any indication the Yankees will be in trouble. He had tossed 11 scoreless innings, before the Blue Jay disaster when he gave up eight earned runs and two walks. Seven runs score in the fifth inning alone. So far, Burnett is 9-9 in 2010, with a 4.93 ERA.

The ace of the Red Sox, Josh Beckett was not himself the last time he faced the Yankees. Nagging back problems has limited Beckett, as this will be his 12th start in 2010, after spending the majority on the DL. Since active again he has made three starts, with a 2-0 record, posting a 2.18 ERA and the team has won all three games. Beckett was ejected in his last start, after pitching a solid eight innings, striking-out eight, walking zero, while allowing only three hits and one earned run. Beckett looks really good and healthy. He must remain on fire especially against hot hitting Robinson Cano who has career strong numbers vs. Beckett. Cano is crushing everyone, but this individual match-up definitely works in Cano’s favor.


Both Beckett and Burnett are as competitive as they come. If fans are hoping for some bench clearing action, odds are this would be the game for it. The way Beckett is pitching consistently makes him the logical choice to win, but if Burnett is on—watch-out. The problem is Burnett is completely unpredictable and history dictates here.

Becket gets the win; Red Sox beat Yankees 8-4.


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