Why the Yankees Are Thanking The Baseball Gods For Luis Castillo

June 13, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The Yankees were seconds away from losing the first game of the Subway Series and their fourth game in a row.

As Alex Rodriguez’s threw down his bat in disgust after popping up a pitch from Francisco Rodriguez, the Mets’ reliable closer, something unbelievable happened. 

The Mets’ second baseman, Luis Castillo was attempting to settle under the pop up and as he was about to squeeze his glove on the ball, the ball dropped out of his glove, allowing Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira to score. 

The Yankees won 9-8 due to an error. A ball that should’ve been caught, that was almost caught, won them the game. 

After a lousy performance by Joba Chamberlain who only lasted four innings, the Yankee bullpen came unglued. Brett Tomko gave the Mets the lead in the fifth inning by giving up four runs. Dave Robertson came in to relieve him, and held his own, followed by Phil Coke who also did a solid job. 

The Yankees kept chipping away, and eventually the lead was cut to 6-5. The Yankees managed to tie the game at six, but with two outs in the eighth Mariano Rivera couldn’t hold it there, and the Mets went up 8-6. 

With one out, Derek Jeter singled to keep the Yankees hopes alive in the ninth inning. Johnny Damon came off the bench and struck out against K-Rod. Teixeira was able to work a walk, and with two outs Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate. 

With all eyes on the slugger, he got jammed, and popped the ball up to Castillo. Castillo isn’t a rookie; he’s actually known for his skills with the glove, but for some reason he looked as if he was staggering under it and didn’t have a good look at it. 

Jeter and Teixeira were both off at the crack of the bat luckily, and both crossed home plate as the ball dropped out of Castillo’s glove. 

Rodriguez went from being the goat of the game to being the unlikely hero literally in seconds. Everyone was anticipating all of the Saturday Sports talk being about how A-Rod couldn’t come through in the clutch again. 

However, on Saturday morning, the negative attention was not on Alex Rodriguez, it was on Luis Castillo. While the Yankees might not have expected to walk away with a win last night, they certainly weren’t complaining about it. 

A win is a win no matter how pretty or ugly it is. The Yankees are thanking the Baseball Gods that Castillo dropped that ball, otherwise they would be three games out in the east, and the Red Sox don’t need any more of a lead than they already have. 

On behalf of Yankee fans everywhere, we thank you Luis Castillo for dropping that ball. It might be just what the Yankees need to keep things going in the right direction. 

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