Who Made Out The New York Yankees Schedule? Jerry Lewis?

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

For the second year in a row the New York Yankees began the season on the road.

Okay, maybe that is no big deal. They had a three game set in Boston over a four day period.

Then, after another day off, they went to Tampa for a three game set against the Rays.

They had another day off before coming home for six games against the Angels and Rangers.

A travel day found them on their way to the West Coast where they played three against the A’s and then three more against the Angels in Anaheim.

After finishing the set in California, they had another travel day before playing three against the Orioles in Camden yards.

The Bombers finally got home after an eleven day road swing to play three against the White Sox over the weekend. They conclude the homestand beginning tonight with three games against Baltimore.

But then they have another day off before heading out on another road trip, this one seven games in a row with three in Boston and four in Detroit.

By the time that road trip is over the Yankees will have played 22 games on the road and only 12 at home.  By the end of May they will have had 28 road games as against 22 at home.

On May 17 and 18 Boston will play two games in the Bronx. By that time the Yankees will have played six games in Fenway.

Obviously the schedules are made out in the Commissioner’s office. One would think that if you open on the road one year, you would get to start at home the next. But not so for the Yanks.

This year the schedule is so skewed early in the season that it certainly does not seem far to the New York team.

Of course the good news is that so far the Yanks have won all but one series and are now 16-8. Eventually the schedule has to balance out. At least I guess they are going to let the Yankees play 81 games at home this year. I haven’t actually counted.

But when the schedule begins to balance out, more games at home should allow the Yankees to take advantage of home field.

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