The New York Yankees’ Possible Outfield Remedies

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Let’s face it, despite the team’s recent success, the New York Yankee outfield isn’t looking too promising right now.

At the start of the season, the Yankee outfield was seeing great production out of both Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher. Unfortunatley, both of these players have been cut down with injuries.

According to a recent update from NBC news, Granderson is able to jog and hit without pain, but, “still isn’t running at top speed or changing directions, which will tax his injured groin more than light jogging in one direction.”

Granderson is still expected to be out another two weeks with his injury.

Granderson’s injury may be one that takes away from his speed and range in the outfield and his ability to steal bases.

Swisher, according to mlb.com, is having a difficult time batting lefty, and isn’t proving to be much of a factor against right handed hitters.

The bright spot for Yankee fans is out in center field, where everyday starter Brett Gardner is looking great to start the season, batting .317 with 2 homers and 12 RBI. He has also stolen 17 bases and has been a sure thing in the field.

The players who have come in to replace Swisher and Granderson are Randy Winn and Marcus Thames who most Yankee fans do not put much faith into.

All it takes is a quick Twitter search of the words Marcus Thames and you will get great quotes likening Thames to a lawn chair in left field.

His batting stats aren’t all to pretty, despite his batting average of .354.

While Thames will mostly be used in place of the injured designated hitter, Nick Johnson, Yankee fans will get a heavy dose of Randy Winn.

Winn is hitting just .209, with one homer and six runs batted in. 

The combined mediocrity of these two players brings the idea of looking on the free agent market for another outfielder, just in case Granderson or Swisher’s injuries last longer than projected.

The Tampa Bay Rays don’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon, and the Yankees may need to address this outfield situation before its too late.

The outfield free agent market yields player like Willy Mo Pena and Jermaine Dye.

Dye, being the more notable player of the two, with great career accolades.A career .274 hitter, Dye has 325 home runs and was a two time all star selection in 2000 and 2006. He also won the 2006 silver slugger award, and was a part of the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox.

Dye had a good 2008 season, batting .292 and hitting 34 home runs.

Pena’s statistics are a bit less flashy, a career .253 hitter, but much younger than Dye at 28 (compared to 36) and may have a bit more potential.

This problem may be able to fix itself when both Granderson and Swisher are inserted back into the lineup.

With Nick Johnson potentially gone until June and previously batting under .200, a need for a hitting outfielder might be critical late in the season.

Someone who can play the DH spot as well as play the outfield may be just what the Yankees need to complete their 2010 run.

After a few more abysmal performances from Thames ands Winn, I would not rule out the acquisition of another solid outfielder within the next few months for the Yankees.

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