Proud To Be In Pinstripes….And It Only Took A Week!

June 28, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

My Yankees have had quite a week. A week that was needed for so many reasons that any team was on the tipping point. Honestly, this past week could have been the most critical of the season for the team from the Bronx.

The Yanks are not by any means in an isolated or even close to secure spot. The route is the beginning journey on a road that had to be walked down. Pluto is far gone in the universe and the Yanks do not want to go unseen like that.
As of Father’s day the Yanks were four games out of first place, now just three. Does not sound like much to the non-obsessed baseball fan, but oh how wrong they are. With the way Tampa and Toronto were one game behind each other and just one game behind the Yanks, it had potential disaster.

All three teams were playing well since the 21st and if you incorporate Boston into the mix it started to seem like our hated rivals could have really made a gap into a bridge.

I was starting to forget that baseball games included hitting. The Yanks made it painful to watch end of top of each inning. The number of teammates jogging in from the first, second, or third bases was becoming a fad like boyfriend jeans, really expensive with rips all over.
That has ended and boy did the team want to prove it. Everyone partook in this slaughtering of bats from Jeter to Cervelli to Pena.
And let’s give a warm welcome to Brett Garner! This guy has been on fire wherever and whenever he steps on the field. Becoming the biggest threat in a lineup of all-stars must have been energizing.
I was so happy that my package made it to the players and was handed out just as asked on the plane back to home. It was hard getting all those brooms sent by mail, but Citi-field was sure spotless when you left.

Sweeping the crippled Mets is gratifying, period. Injury ridden or not that is baseball and excuses don’t win you games so proving this is our city always glorious feeling for either team.

Let’s not forget the current other situation the Yankees have with another team who has a closer who does the jig (hint, hint) whose name I can’t bear to type again.
The pitchers all preformed like a dream. Wang even has removed my never-ending doubts in his abilities. Trust me I am not getting ahead of myself with Wang but he looked better which is under no circumstances can be a bad sign.

And Hughes looks magical as a set-up even thought I think it will be Joba’s future but for another season or let’s just see.

Speaking of accomplishments over a week that started where we honored the best men in out lives, our dads, we also had another honor just this evening. One of the most respected men ever to take the mound had his 500th save just a few hours ago.
Mariano Rivera, it has been an honor to have grown up with you. What this man brings is integrity to a sport that is getting more press for cheating then the sport itself.

Other then the success professionally that will be aspired to as long as baseball is played, Mariano is most humble and displays the pride he has when he has done the exact opposite; when he loses.

A champion four times over (for now) due to an arm that rivals superman which generates a fast ball that cuts so sharply with a speed like lightning to be produced. Wow is what comes to mind just watching our beloved Mo, but he is so much more than that.
From a perspective of a fan an athlete can be “oh-ah” for just having the surreal talent possessed. When one shows the character of a gentleman, never faltering whether the winner or the loser, is humble in his eyes and gives more credit to his competitors then need be that is what inspires people.

And Marino Rivera is the definition of this in so many other words I could do an entire blog on him.

Congratulations to our Mo for closing your 500th game in the Yankees pinstripes. I will never forget watching it tonight and just add it to my list of “Mariano Memories” that I smile back and am forever in your debt for letting me share them with you.
I think that’s the best way to end a post summing up the finish of a wonderful week for my Yankees…keep it up cause the big bad wolf comes back to town and its time to shut this nation up.
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