Pondering the Rest of the MLB Season Through Text Messages

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

My friend Brian and I have always had several debates about baseball. Whether it is about steroids or trades or even free-agency. Recently we have been discussing the many possible results of the rest of the baseball season.

I decided to make this article a bit different and publish it, the way it was…in text messages. Enjoy this rare piece of journalism as you read the text messages of two good friend discussing the rest of the Major League Baseball season.

[Editor’s Note: For the purpose of the text messages, spelling errors have been left alone, without any Sic. notes. Enjoy them in all their glory. –JS]

Chris: Hey Brian. Wats up?

Brian: Nothin’ Much, I’m in Delaware for my brother’s move in weekend. I’m pretty bored, but I might go to the pool later.I

Chris: Ohh ok. Have you been watching a lot of baseball recently, this is the beginning of the final stretch. The Yanks are going all the way. Your beloved Mets’ season is over.

Brian: I said that in July.

Chris: The Yankee season won’t end until after the parade in New York.

Brian: You won’t say that after u lose to the Angels in the ALDS.

Chris: The Angel bullpen is inexpierienced and the Yankeee offense will take advantage of that.

Brian: The Angels own the Yankees.

Chris: The Yankees probably won’t face the Angels in the ALDS, because they both have the best records in the American league.

Brian: True. So they will lose in the ALCS.

Chris: Who do you think will win the wild-card?

Brian: The Red Sox

Chris: Really?

Brian: Yes. That means the Yankees have a guaranteed spot in the World Series cuz the Angels always lose to the Sox.

Chris: And the Yankees have been beating the Red Sox of late. So I guess you are right. What about the NL?

Brian: Phillies will win the East, Cards the Central, Dodgers the West, and Giants wild-card. Giants to World Series.

Chris: The it is an easy win for the Yanks.

Brian: The Giants have the best pitching in MLB.

Chris: I think they really don’t have anyone that strong after Lincecum. I would take the Dodgers over them.

Brian: I’m unsure about how strong the Dodgers are. I see a rematch of the 2002 World Series with the Giants winning it because their pitching will win them a championship.

Chris: I don’t think the Giants have enough depth in their pitching.

Brian: Pitching wins ballgames, and the Dodger don’t have that.

Chris: Billingsley, Kuroda, Padilla, and Kershaw are strong. Then Randy Wolf in the bullpen. Sherrill and Broxton close out games. I’d take your last statement back.

Few Minutes Later…

Chris: Manny, Eithier, Kemp, Hudson, Furcal, Loney, Martin, and Casey Blake. That’s an offense.

Brian: I also see the Yankees over the Cardinals or Dodgers and the Phillies won’t be back in the World Series.

Chris: As I was reading that last text message I was saying I’m glad to see that you finally had a scenario where the Yanks win, and then u went back to die-hard Met fan when you put down the Phillies.

Brian: OK. If the Angels don;t beat the Yankees then the Dodgers might stand a chance. What do u think about the MVP race?

Chris: AL CY Young- Mariano Rivera AL MVP- Mauer or Tex NL CY Young-Lincecum NL MVP Albert “The Machine” Pujols.

Brian: Mauer is the definite MVP. A .380 Batting average with almost as many HR as Tex. That is an MVP season.

Chris: One part where Mauer might lose votes is that he hasn’t carried his team like Tex or Jeter has. I read an article where a writer believed Mauer would be a Yankee in the future. 

Brian: The Mets might have a shot at him cause the Yanks and the Sox can’t afford to go after him and the Mets might be able to get him.

Chris: He’s a Minnesota Native and will give the Twins a discount to stay. And the Yankees will have several salaries that they will have go.

Brian: You ahve a guy in the minors named Jesus. Isn’t that enough.

Chris: I am a big fan of Jesus Montero and I am one of those people that says the Yanks won’t need Mauer. 

Brian: What is teh future Yankees line-up?

Chris: 1. Jeter 2. Damon 3. Tex 4.A-rod (or roid whatever you call him) 5. Posada as a DH 6. Cano 7. Montero 8. Swisher 9. A-Jax. What’s the future line-up for the Mets?

Brian: The who?

Chris: The Mets. Remember your favorite team.

Brian: Ohh you mean the Buffalo Bison. Because that is who it looks like if you take a look at their line-up.

Chris: LOL. 

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