New York Yankees: Three Game Losing Streak Not Magical

September 24, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are not in the playoffs; their magic number remains frozen at three just for a spot in October.

Three appears to be getting bigger and growing harder to reach with each game. The Yankees need to stop playing Jekyll and Hyde since winning the first two games of their last series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays came and left in second place, but with the latest Yankee loss, and their win, they have officially taken over the AL East.

Everything was working for the Yankees in the first two games against Tampa Bay.

The Rays looked shell-shocked facing the 2009 champs. The Bombers reeked confidence, seemed indestructible, could do no wrong, all while enjoying themselves.

Could it be possible that winning went to their heads?

Well even if it did, the Boston Red Sox checked the Yankees egos at the door for them. Wasting no time, the Red Sox scored 10 runs by the middle of the fifth inning. The Yankees went missing but Curtis Granderson did homer to give them one run.

It was a seasonal milestone for the Yankees; the first time two opponents scored 10 runs against them in back-to-back games.

The Yankees were too little, too late again but managed to score 7 more runs and, for now, fans can hang on for a better tomorrow after a final score of 10-8.



This defeat takes the magic out of the number three, as the Yankees are now on a three-game losing streak.

For the Bombers, winning the AL East is bordering insanity. Getting in as the Wild Card team is becoming a tougher feat. As a fan it’s a reality check, as this team is not as playoff ready as I thought.

Can you imagine how elated New York Mets fans would be if the worst collapse in sports was no longer theirs?

No doubt that Mets fans dream of that tale’s ownership belonging to the Yankees and that they weren’t the ‘other team’ in New York anymore. Well, if the Yankees miss October it will be way worse than that.

As a Yankees fan, I want the team in the playoffs but not if it is going to be an embarrassment. This team seesaws from hot to ice cold so fast that nobody knows which team will show-up at the ballpark.

It’s about time the reigning champs start to play like it, and “The Boss” would love to be on top one last time.

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