New York Yankees Not Trading, but Giving Away Chan Ho Park

July 27, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

It has been reported that New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been shopping around relief pitcher Chan Ho Park.

My question is, what teams are interested in Park, and what does he bring to a team?

The 37-year-old right-handed pitcher doesn’t offer much promise to any team he joins. This season, in 32 innings pitched, Park has given up seven home runs, 37 hits, walked nine, and, surprisingly, struck out 26.

Park’s 5.57 ERA is not ideal, but what makes Yankee fans cringe is the fact that Park gives up big hits in important situations. This obviously resonates more in fans’ heads.

It’s an uncomfortable moment when Park comes running out from the bullpen, and the Yankees have given him plenty of chances to prove himself.

Park also holds the No. 32 spot on the all-time hit batsmen list, with 135 to date.

Joba Chamberlain, who is even less reliable, joins Park in adding to the mess. Joba gets more leeway because his struggles are partially the organization’s fault for the way they have selfishly handled the youngster.

Unlike Joba from 2007, the 2010 version cannot locate his pitches. Joba’s velocity is still in the mid to high 90s and his command is not terrible.

It seems to be that Joba’s fastball lands right over a batter’s sweet spot, which is why his walk-rate might seem down. Hitters are actually taking the pitches and making contact successfully.

Joba can be fixed once he gets his confidence back, which might take some time. The Yankees have to continue to take responsibility for this situation because they babied him too much.

That is why the Yankees need to grab bullpen help more than adding another starting pitcher.

This Saturday, July 31, marks the trade deadline, and you can be sure the Yankees will be shopping. My pick is Houston Astros hurler Brett Meyers, who can also pitch in long relief, which is great until starting pitcher Andy Pettitte returns to the rotation.

Pettitte’s replacement, Sergio Mitre, is not the long-term answer, or the short-term, but Girardi continuous to use Mitre any chance he can get.

Mitre’s success is co-dependent on a strong bullpen with the idea of getting the ball to Mariano Rivera. This cannot work with Park hogging a spot or being anywhere near a pitching mound.

Finding a team who will take Park must include the Yankees eating all $1.2 million owed to him this season. I would even pay the other team just to get Park out of the Bronx, pronto.

This won’t pose a problem, as the Yankees cannot win without a change in the bullpen—someone to complement Phil Hughes down the stretch, as Hughes has a 165-170 innings limit, but he can’t take it all on himself.

These next four days will show what teams have up their sleeve. I would be shocked if the Yankees just sat back and watched the 2010 season slip away.

The general consensus is getting rid of Chan Ho-Park needs to be done, even if the Yankees give him away.

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