My Yankees Won Wimbledon In 2009??

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

I will start by congratulating both the Yankees for another win this afternoon. Even if the brooms don’t come out and sweep the Toronto Blue Jays right out of the Bronx, another series is already won. 

Come on, anyone who lives in the universe knows that the Yanks are about to add a nation to their list. If you don’t get what I am talking about here ya go….…The $&#*$ Boston Red Sox won today as well but the boys in pinstripes have closed the AL race to just a game separating the two rivals. 

The bigger sports event today (can you imagine there is one….…LOL!) Was the men’s singles at Wimbledon final match between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer? Congratulations to Roger for winning this tough opponent and winning his 5th Wimbledon title but also becoming the player to have won the most grand slams in history, this was #15 for him.

Poor Pete Sampras watched his record be broken. Sampras was my absolute favorite tennis player ever and I miss him playing dearly. Tennis was classier when it was Pete, Ivan, Jimmy and Mac. I did fall in love alongside the whole world with our beloved Andre Agassi. This champion’s farewell speech at the US Open is a link in one of my past posts and it is so inspiring and humbling. 

The final today was all class. I love Roger and Andy alike and they keep the sport old school. “Respecting the game” in all sports are scarily working its way out. With all the rain in the Northeast to have everyone at my parents beach house was watching, pacing and screaming along with each point on the third gorgeous day we have had should be say enough.

How does this match compare to Red Sox/Yankees rivalry? Huge example is who’s heart did not go out to Andy Roddick just a few hours ago. This guy has been in four championship appearances at Wimbledon, even more is that he lost all of them to Federer. 

I have faith that Roddick will have his name on the cup as a grass court champion before his career is over and he still has some time. 

I guess Andy can relate to the Red Sox up until 2006 and in the same regard the Yanks are the Federer’s of baseball, still 26 is not going to be caught anytime soon.

The difference with this 2009 Yankees team are finally acting like Federer by being a classy team again. The last few years it was not their at all. 

Hey I live and die for my Yankees but a fact is a fact and that my friend, was what the Yankees had transformed into actuality. Times have changes as it’s not happening in 2009, and not the Yanks anymore. Tough is being kind to how much work it is going to take. I hope I can even bare to watch.

I sure fantasize about winning the world series again because I am proud of the Yankees team camaraderie, that is why not one person I watched the tennis with was mad that Federer won. How could you unless you had some personal issue with Roger? 

Federer is the Mariano of graciousness when defeated and gives his sincere credit to any opponent no matter the outcome. I can say that the Yankees finally are comparable to Roger again and who would not want to be. He deserves to be the greatest as did Pete Sampras who’s record of 14 grand slams he broke today. 

Both tennis players are just the example of grace, elegance, sportsmanship and a purely, genuine respect for the game they play. This is why I love sports so much; it is these performances that intoxicate people. 

The glass is never half full, half empty, overflowing or dry for this theory is not needed to describe the examples displayed from athletes like Federer and Roddick today. It makes me as a fan proud to be one. And a fan of both sides, men, teams competing today with utter disregard for loyalty. It was abolished, like it had never even existed as either outcome would be adequate.

The Yankees are acting like they are just proud to be playing baseball. Undeniably doing it everyday giving the actual sport the attention it rightly deserves. Boston has been doing this and their best effort won them two championships in the last four seasons. 

Like a proud parent watching her Yankee team finally realizing that the pinstripes are a uniform they wear and it did not include a light-saber sword. Finally playing with regarding that it comes with such a history attached and an honor. I was honestly so discouraged at the end of 08′ season and the beginning of this one that it was starting to get insulting. Along with sadly having to watch as it unfolded onto the Yanks new home that deserved much better start then that.

The Yankees are consistently displaying the great Federer whom was crowned the king and a champion again today. 

The Red Sox are the ever tough opponent earning it with such dignity to be deemed “the nation”. That was Andy Roddick today, vowing to get there soon and he will just as Boston did. Even though Roddick lost he still has the fight in his eyes and so do the Red Sox. 

For me, now you know what I do half the time (probably more like 80%) I am awake. I want it for my team to be honored again.

The Yankees making the playoffs is on the brain. I dream it, eat dinner with it and obviously needed to vent about it. Aka This blogger blog that never changes the subject on me and I can say anything about my Yankees cause the stress is mounting.

I want everyone to know I care not just as a happy fan but for my team, the players, managers, bat boys , etc. I truly want the New York Yankees to win!

Federer has grand slams galore, Andy just one US Open but who can say that they were pissed that Federer won? Both of these superior men gave us an awesome Sunday of tennis and I am forever thankful for ever minute of it.

I think the same will be given to us fans in the second half of this baseball season. Finally it’s about time my Yankees realized they are vital part and for real again.

Hats off to all champions who respect the sport with the humble attitude of being a leader….…I thank you.

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