MLB Rumors: Cliff Lee to Land With The New York Yankees?

July 9, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The New York Post reported that the New York Yankees are in intense talks with the Seattle Mariners that would send ace pitcher Cliff Lee to the Bronx and prospect catcher Jesus Montero in exchange.

Montero is the Yankees prized prospect, ranking No. 4 on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect list. The players in front of him are Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, and Mike Stanton. 

That gives you a good idea of how big Montero can be if he ever develops fully.

Cliff Lee is currently 8-3 with a 2.34 ERA, and has a ridiculous strikeout-walk ratio of 89 to 6. Lee would have more wins if Seattle’s offense were stronger. 

If the deal is completed, Montero wouldn’t be the only one the Yankees would have to give up, as he is the primary player going to the Mariners. But the value of Seattle’s ace has gone down, after they figured out that no team would give up so much, even for a pitcher like Lee, for a 3-month rental.

That is the main reason why the Yankees might be able to pull this trade off.

Even though Lee’s contract expires this offseason, it would be a great rental as it would help the Yankees’ pitching rotation greatly in the postseason, when it matters the most.

Also, they would have a chance to re-sign the dominant pitcher with some money left over if they let go of Javier Vasquez, which has a great possibility of happening.

Another reason this trade would make sense for the Yankees is that their division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays, were interested in Cliff Lee. Then, the Yanks would have to face Lee, David Price, and Jeff Niemann in the playoffs if both teams make it to October, and they have seen how Lee can dominate the Yankees in the postseason.

(The Minnesota Twins were interested in this conversation, too. They are also a playoff contending team)


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