MLB Hot Topic: New York Yankees Vs. The Jeter Meter

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Derek Jeter is a household name.

In case you didn’t know, Jeter is the starting shortstop and Captain of the New York Yankees.

He has five World Series rings, four Silver Slugger Awards, and  four Golden Gloves along with countless other awards. Some of them recognized Jeter the player, others Derek the person.

Jeter is the ultimate Captain. Find me a professional athlete, fan, manager or coach that would disagree.

Going on about Jeter’s accomplishments is easy, but baseball is more than a sport. It is a job.

Like any employee, Jeter is judged on his performance and whether or not he is fulfilling expectations. Something Yankee fans refer to as ‘The Jeter Meter’.

In Jeter’s case, there is no doubt he has exceeded all expectations. He has above and beyond done his job over the last decade.

Now the Yankees and their Captain have reached the end of his current job contract. Without a doubt, both sides plan on signing another agreement at the end of 2010.

Still there is an obvious predicament. Jeter has struggled on the field this season and he’ll be the first to admit it. Reality bites, but as of now it stands that Jeter might be better off not at shortstop in 2011.

It is his position to lose, because the Yankees would keep him till the end of time.

The Captain still has the chance to prove everyone wrong this year, if the Yankees make the playoffs.  For any player shining in October brings instant confidence and creditability, something Jeter could benefit from.

For right now it seems only fair to acknowledge that if Jeter’s play does not improve his salary will suffer.

Currently, Jeter’s 2010 stats total a batting average of .264, with 60 RBIs, 10 home-runs, 25 doubles, three triples, 89 strikeouts and stealing only 15 bases.

Compared to 2009 when Jeter’s average over the regular season finished .334, stealing a total of 30 bases, with 66 RBIs, 18 home-runs, 27 doubles and 90 strikeouts.

While, it doesn’t read that bad, Jeter has been on the decline since around May 2. The month of August has been the Captain’s least productive month in the big leads with 20 strikeouts, 11 RBIs, one home-run in 117 at-bats. Jeter finished with a .239 batting average for August.

Than I started looking at it from another angle, the Captain-side. From this angle Jeter should get a raise.

If not only for being the leader he is and the face of the most winning franchisee in sports.

His teammates worship him; his fans cheer the loudest for him and he leads not just a ball-club, but also an entire city.

The Yankees were the lucky ones the moment Derek Jeter signed-on because this man is all class.

The truth is success is not solely based one individuals performance; it’s how a group or a team finishes. Sometimes the most crucial element is the person who motivates others to achieve. The person who’s presence is enough on it’s own to strive for nothing less than to win.

Tell me who is a better example of the above than New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter?

No one.

Derek Jeter is the New York Yankees exception because he is rarefied air in the sports world that deserves to be recognized.

Okay all Yankee-haters, bring it on??!!!?!!!


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