Joe Torre and Brian Cashman Reunited

September 21, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Via the NY Times:

“Torre finished his interview, found Cashman, and they hugged as cameras clicked all around. Then they walked down the hallway together, the way Torre did—alone—in the cover photo of his 2009 memoir, ‘The Yankee Years.’

“The book was well-written, well-reported, highly informative, and entertaining. But it is also notorious, at least around the Yankees and, especially, around Cashman. It severely damaged Torre’s relationship with Cashman, and Monday’s reconciliation was only a product of circumstance.


“In January 2009, when Cashman heard that Torre had marginalized him in the book, he called Torre in Hawaii. That was the last time they spoke until Monday.

“‘He said it wasn’t true,’ Cashman said. ‘And then the next day, the book came out and it was different, and so I hadn’t talked since. I didn’t think it was something I needed to initiate any further.'”

So Joe Torre still hasn’t exactly apologized to Brian Cashman, but that seems to be of little importance. Torre was welcomed back to the Stadium by the fans, by the Yankees, and by Cashman himself. I doubt things will ever be what they once were between Torre and the Yankees organization, but this was a big step in the right direction.

I suppose it won’t be until next season, if Torre finally retires, when we’ll see exactly how big that step was. If he’s sitting around in retirement and is not invited to Old Timer’s Day then it was just a baby step, but my gut says that Torre will be at the center of attention sometime next July.

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