Joe Girardi Putting His Stamp on New York Yankees

August 5, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The Rogers Centre was at full capacity tonight up in Toronto. The fans looking relieved, confirming it was just a nightmare, as Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball, walked onto the Blue Jays mound once again.


Toronto’s ace looked like a goner before the trade deadline, but the cost for Roy’s arm was just too high a price, even for the Yankees.


Halladay is so dynamite that an opposing team’s starter has got to be basically perfect. It is inevitable that hitters will not be able to produce against Halladay, so in preparing for a game like tonight’s, the idea of how to win has got to be under this assumption.


And that is exactly why Joe Girardi is such a level-headed manager. Not afraid to humbly admitted that the Yanks had to give it everything and anything to beat this individual ace.


It is refreshing that Girardi tells it like it is. No matter who the player, the treatment has now consistently been shown to be equal. Not one guy gets treated any differently, which is a huge part of the comradeship that has formed.


The definition of “team” is what Girardi has accomplished in his last season and a half. That is no small feat with the amount of All-Stars with huge paychecks the Yanks have. Then having to fill a hero’s shoes in Torre, only to have that same man he once called his skipper sell the team out for all to read about. That didn’t make the new Joe’s job any easier.


Girardi is now in sync with the players, and it has shown in the determination to win over and over again. Beating Halladay was just another example of what is happening, and Girardi is responsible for the team’s success.


Along with our skipper, the players are so proud of their team to let that go.


This was seen tonight by the outstanding job done by Andy Petite, who pitched seven-plus solid innings. Commanding the plate with his cutter, Petite struck out Alex Rios for his sixth strikeout, and that was in the bottom of the seventh.


The Yankees’ bats have dealt with “the handful” that Halladay brings to the mound, and all who face him know the ante has been upped. In addition, the thoughts of what was going on in the Sunshine State between the Red Sox and Rays made the odds of losing the top spot in the AL East very realistic.


Well, the Yanks had their poker faces on from the start by posting two runs on the board. Damon singled to get on, which followed by A-Rod hitting a double and running with such purpose, sliding into home just ahead of Kevin Millar’s throw. This gave Petite a significant boost before he even threw a pitch.


Totaling 103 total pitches and finishing the Halladay fundamental way, for a straight nine innings, the Yankees’ bats had little room to move. In the eighth, Damon and Tex had back-to-back home runs. Matsui also took Roy yard to make it three homers off the ace.


Two outstanding defensive plays were critical in the win, but moreover, it was so much fun to watch. The Yanks’ beloved captain jumped to catch a fly ball so high in the air that it could have been Michael Jordan in the pinstripes.


Then the catch by the Melk Man is a sure thing to be a top-three play of the week. A list that is growing longer each game for this youngster. Melky Cabrera has been nothing short of inspiring this season.


The outcome was perfect. The Yankees lengthened their lead to a game and half. As Boston lost in the 13th inning in a battle-like game, on a walk-off home run hit by last season’s AL MVP, Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria.


Now, here is one last thing that is probably long overdue:


It is time for everyone to embrace Joe Girardi for the leadership he has shown in the exceptional way he has managed this team.


Wondering who or where this message is coming from?


All you have to do is just watch the Yankees on the field. The players play for this man, and that speaks loudly enough. 



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