Inside the Yankees Cookbook: The Taste of Sucess…Pie

September 9, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

There are several Major League Baseball teams that sell cookbooks at the ballpark featuring some of their team’s stars. The Yankees don’t have an official cookbook, but if there was one the specialty, it would probably be pie.

The Yankees have had 13 walk-off wins this season. That is the most wins in that fashion since 1978, the year they won the World Series. After celebrating the walk-off win, the hero of the game is usually rewarded with a pie in the face. According to some of the heroes of some of the Yankees walk-off wins, nothing tastes better than success in the form of a pie in the face.

AJ Burnett could have been the mastermind and chef behind these pies. The Yankees starter won’t reveal his recipe for these pies, but many have guessed that it is just plain whipped cream pie served on a Yankees towel. Tuesday night, Nick Swisher belted a home-run into the right field stands in the bottom of the ninth inning to help the Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays. While he was giving a post game interview, top chef AJ Burnett crawled behind him and smothered the “Walkoff Pie” all over Swisher’s face. 

Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano are just some of the other Yankees that have tasted greatness. The Yankees have 90 wins this season and could be the favorites to win the World Series.

Within those 90 wins the Yankees have come up clutch time and time again. The off-season additions have all played a big role. Whether its CC Sabathia keeping his team in the game by pitching a gem or Mark Teixeira getting a walk-off hit for the Yankees. The Yankees have been able to get a piece of greatness and have grown accustomed to it as the season has progressed.

It’s great to see that the Yankees are having fun in the clubhouse too. AJ Burnett could be seen as the Jose Reyes of the Yankees. Just like Reyes, Burnett plays pranks and gives a couple of laughs to his teammates. Unlike the Mets shortstop, when Burnett is on the mound he gets serious. Male bonding sometimes is a bit odd, but as long as the Yankees have team chemistry its fine to the fans.

As long as the Yankees are winning, there might not be any reason to complain about Burnett’s crazy habits. But what would taste better than winning game seven of the World Series in walk-off fashion, having a pie thrown in the face of the hero, and drinking champagne to celebrate? Marie Antoinette once said “Let them eat cake.” I say “Let the Yankees have pie.”


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