Hideki Matsui : Taking a Look at Godzilla’s Market

August 24, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

In the last 10 games, Hideki Matsui has had three multi-home run games. He has definitely proved to the Yankees that there is still some gas left in the tank even at 35.

According to some sources, true or untrue, they report that the Yankees have already decided not to bring back Matsui next year no matter how good of a year he has. Are these last few weeks of the Major League Baseball season the last for Matsui as a Yankee? Or even in the major leagues?

Matsui has 23 home runs and 68 RBI’s this season through 109 games. The interesting part is that within those 109 games he has not played one inning in the outfield. Last year he just went on the field for 24 games.

One big question is when will Matsui be back in left field? He has already expressed his interest to the Yankees that he wants to return to playing defense but neither Joe Girardi or the Yankees organization has commented or addressed the issue.

This is going to play a major role in Matsui’s offseason negotiations because if he has not played in the outfield for a whole year, several National League teams will not be interested in Godzilla’s services. Most likely, if the Yankees let Matsui go, he will be headed to the American League.

There are several teams that already do not have room for Matsui. The Red Sox have David Ortiz already signed as DH for next year, so most Yankee fan’s nightmares of seeing Matsui in a Red Sox uniform can already be cast away.

Unless they fail to re-sign Jason Bay and want to take their chances with Matsui in left field. The same goes with the Twins, Rays, and Indians. These teams also have a designated hitter signed for next year.

The Angels and White Sox have their designated hitters enter free-agency after this season like Matsui. Another California team that in the past has had interest in Matsui is the Oakland A’s.

The A’s could try and sign another aging Yankees DH for a second year. Remember they signed Jason Giambi last season and released him recently. But Billy Beane could hold off on signing aging players because the Giambi deal back-fired on him.

The possible wild card winners, the Texas Rangers, could take a shot at Matsui depending on what they decide will be Marlon Byrd’s and Hank Blalock’s future with the team.

J.P. Riccardi might be looking to bounce back after making a horrible deal with the White Sox for Alex Rios, and Hideki could be an open option if the money is available.

The other possible free-agents this offseason could be Johnny Damon, Vladamir Guerrero, and Gary Sheffield. There could be less job opportunities available for more aging players and Matsui could be left without a team.

There are also more teams focusing on their farm systems and bringing up home-grown talent to fit their needs. The Yankees fall into that category as the debut of Austin Jackson nears closer and closer. Injuries and retirements could always open more jobs.

In the past, Matsui has said he would like to end his professional baseball career in Japan, where it all began. So if he is left without a job next year because of his bad knee, he could always go back home and try to sign with the Yankees of Japan, the Giants.

As this baseball season comes to a close, Yankee fans will have a lot of curtain calls saved for Matsui. After joining the team in 2003 he has definitely become a beloved fan favorite. If he leaves New York he will truly be missed.

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