George Steinbrenner Was No Bob Sheppard or Roger Maris

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

It is consistent with George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard.

The New York Yankees have announced that their players’ uniforms will have commemorative patches honoring the memories of owner George Steinbrenner and public address announcer Bob Sheppard.

Professor Sheppard’s commemorative patch will be placed on the left sleeve of the team’s home and away uniforms.

Mr. Steinbrenner’s patch will be placed above the interlocking “NY” on the left breast of the players’ home uniforms and above “YORK” on the road jerseys.

Bob Sheppard was one of the most humble of all individuals.

Reggie Jackson, as awed by Mr. Sheppard’s voice as all of us who heard it, referred to it as the Voice of God, although it might have been Rusty Staub who first coined it.

It was too much for Bob Sheppard.

“I deny that it’s The Voice of God with all humility. I would rather be known as a competent, warm, capable teacher of speech than as the best p.a. announcer in baseball. To me, the classroom is far more important than the ballpark.”

George Steinbrenner was a bombastic, impatient individual who lacked humility. His actions confirmed that he believed he was above the team.

Placing his patch above the interlocking “NY” confirms that belief. So does the history of the New York Yankees.

The following table lists the commemorative changes to the New York Yankees’ uniforms in memory of those who contributed to the team:



1929 Miller Huggins: Black armband on left sleeve.
1948 Babe Ruth: Black armband on left sleeve.
1979 Thurman Munson: Black armband on left sleeve.
1985 Pete Sheehy: Black armband on left sleeve.
1986 Roger Maris: Black armband on left sleeve.
1990 Billy Martin: No. 1 on left sleeve.
1996 Mel Allen: Black armband on left sleeve.
1995 Mickey Mantle: Black armband on left sleeve, then No. 7 above.
1999 Joe DiMaggio: No. 5 on left sleeve.
1999 Jim “Catfish” Hunter: Black armband on left sleeve.
2000 Bob Lemon: Black armband on left sleeve.
2007 Cory Lidle: Black armband on left sleeve.
2007 Virginia Tech Shooting: VT logo on left side of cap on May 23.
2008 Bobby Murcer: Black armband on left sleeve.

George Steinbrenner continually spoke about Yankees’ tradition. Regardless of his fierce desire to win, George Steinbrenner’s greatest contribution to the Yankees was money, not talent.

It wasn’t he who decided to place his commemorative patch above the “NY,” which is an important point. But, although it might be unfair (or maybe not), those who knew George Steinbrenner best thought that the patch was placed in the right location.

A player whom many of the Yankees’ fans booed, because he had the temerity to challenge Babe Ruth’s single season home run record when Mickey Mantle was also challenging it, honored the Yankees’ tradition much more than did George Steinbrenner.

A little known fact about Roger Maris says it all. Lou Gehrig would have been proud.

A fan asked Roger to autograph one of his Yankees’ uniforms.

The fan wanted Roger to sign above the interlocking “NY.”

Roger refused. He signed below the insignia.

“No one should place himself ahead of the team.”

There were Bob Sheppard, Roger Maris, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Bobby Murcer, Thurman Munson, Yogi, Phil, Whitey, Mickey, Jeter, Mariano, Posada and many others. They are not George Steinbrenner’s legacy.

A-Rod is George Steinbrenner’s legacy.


Uniform Patches: Baseball Hall of Fame

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