From the Heart of a True Yanks Fan: Just a Few Simple Thoughts

July 20, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Wow! The second half could not be starting out much better then sweeping the Tigers and a walk-off by Matsui to beat the Orioles tonight.

All around the Yankees look solid. Pitching seems to be straightening itself out as Joba pitched great last night. Now maybe he can prove all of us wrong. Joba used all four pitches last night. His fastball was 95 in the first and 97 in the seventh, so that speaks volumes for Cashman holding out.

Maybe I should realize that Brian knows what he is doing, some of the time. In addition to his genius I think all the attention on Phil Hughes probably got to Joba’s inflamed head. Hughes became the hero and Joba was the one he was saving.

That would sure motivate me to get my act together. Also realizing that the fans and media were starting to not care if I was traded because when you are hurting the team that’s not good. And not to admit it afterwards makes an athlete seem entitled and with no past of being productive it it just not going to work.

Over the weekend, I was nervous because of the whipping the Yanks got just a week prior. Detroit is a solid ball-club with great hitters and good pitching, with one of the best starters in Verlander.

I was encouraged and hopeful for the future of this season. Here are the postitives that have served the Yankees well in the first four days of the second half:

  1. Girardi has rested the pitchers by not overusing the bullpen. Have not totally agreed with every move but all seem healthy and that will be the demise of collapsing teams to come.
  2. Joba has seen the light. I know it is just one start but it is at home where he has struggled. I can say this is expected from Joba because he has been dynamite before so time to show it. Maybe the four days off helped by his family telling him that in order to act like a superstar you have to first be one!
  3. Can anyone get enough of Phil Hughes. Lights-out and for two solid innings against Detroit on Saturday cemented him in the fact that this guy came to play. I have always been a Hughes advocate even when he was horrible last year I wore my Hughes shirt with pride cause I could see the potential in his stuff.
  4. Andy Pettitte will pitch like this the most of the second half. He is of the old school and he knows what is expected of him. Moreover it is what Andy expects of himself and my faith in him does not waiver.
  5. Hopefully Cashman is sitting back with his legs up on the desk until July 31st. Have not heard anything trade-wise and trust me the media would embellish anything regarding Halladay or my Yanks. Please I have nightmares of this grave mistake being made.
  6. The Red Sox are losing and looking at stats of both leagues Boston’s OBP has taken a dive each month. Watch for Theo Epstien to pick up a batter before trade deadline.
  7. I can thank Mark Teixeira for the best quote I have heard in years. That the Yankees will have home field advantage in World Series this year. I cannot find the exact words he said so not in quotes but what a player he is and I commend Teixeira for his spirit.
  8. Alex Rodriguez is not at his full capacity but he sure is getting better and his presence helps for sure.
  9. How important attitude is in regards to sports in general. Especially when you play for the Yankees franchise the pressure is on and it can get the best of you. After the Angels took all three I did not know what to think but the worst was definitely looking like a reality of the Yankees I have known the last five years. I am a believer now and that is because if the team is not effected then as a fan I have to let it go, which is much harder to do than one can imagine. Nothing gets this team down and that is amazing to watch as a fan.
I just hope that all the hater Yankees fans start to believe a little more that this is something that is real. For a minute stop trying to find something wrong and relish in the great things that this team is showing each game played.
Old habits are hard to break and no amount of money can truly change someone’s mindset. Money can make someone fake a good thing but its never works. Finding faults is the easiest way out of facing something defeat because change is always the more difficult if at first it fails.
For the not only the haters but for all to learn from, here is one of the greatest athlete’s quote about team:
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