David Ortiz Considers Yankees: How Would Fans Receive Big Papi in the Bronx?

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Why do I feel like I’m experiencing deja vu?

Probably because three days ago, David Ortiz was the “cover boy” of my story on “10 Big Names the Yanks Should Target.”

Now Ortiz has opened the door a little wider, speculating that he would give serious consideration to joining the Yankees if the opportunity presented itself:

It’s great from what I hear. It’s a good situation to be involved in. Who doesn’t want to be involved in a great situation where everything goes the right way? They lost just like we did, they just went to the first round of the playoffs. I ain’t heard nobody coming out killing everybody just because they lost.

My stance on Big Papi potentially joining the New York Yankees has never changed: He would be a welcome addition.

However, how would the rest of Yankee Universe respond to the big slugger donning a pinstriped No. 34 jersey, something he would no doubt have to compensate A.J. Burnett, the current owner of that number on the Yankees, for?

Should Ortiz join the Yankees, this would not be the first time that a high-profile member of the Boston Red Sox joined the Evil Empire.

In October 1986, Wade Boggs sat out the last four games of the season against the Yankees to protect his slim lead over Don Mattingly for the AL batting crown, .356 to .350. Mattingly finished the season at .352 after going 8-for-19 over the final four games and Boggs drew the ire of Yankee fans for his cowardly act.

Yet Boggs signed with the Yankees as a free agent in November 1992 and four years later drew a bases-loaded walk in the top of the 10th inning in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series that proved to be the game-winning and series-tying RBI.

This photo of Boggs has become one of the more memorable photos of the Yankees dynasty, and the fans cheered Boggs unconditionally as a member of the Yankees.

In January 2005, Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees and quickly become a fan favorite. His performance in the 2009 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies where he hit .364 with six runs scored and four RBI was a big part of the Yankees winning their latest championship.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention Roger Clemens, and while he was acquired via trade from the Toronto Blue Jays in 1999, he is better known as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

As with the others, Clemens quickly became a fan favorite and performed admirably for the Yankees in the World Series, going 3-0 with a 1.50 ERA over 36 innings.

There was also the whole Mike Piazza incident.

So, what does it all mean?

Simply put, Yankees fans are willing and able to put the past where it belongs—in the past—and cheer for whoever is wearing the uniform of their team.

David Ortiz, come on down.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms, and the only question that remains is this: Will the bleacher creatures yell for “David” or “Papi” during roll call?

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