Daily Random Sports Thoughts 10: What The Heck Is Going On With Joba???

February 22, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

For those who like and enjoy, sorry. Been busy lately, haven’t had much free time for B/R. For all those trolls who like to rip on me, we’re back!

Welcome to the 10th edition of “Daily Random Sports Thoughts!”

For those not familiar, I pick a team, player, or any other topic in sports that I have five random thoughts about.  If you like ’em, read ’em.  I’m trying to get ’em on here every day!

Today’s lucky random sports topic is…what the heck is going on with Joba Chamberlain???

1) Hey, Joba, welcome to 2010! Now that we’re all aware that the Yankees want to have you as a starter, what I want to know is what your preference is! Have one-pen or rotation?

2) I’m sorry, but out of the rotation last year, I thought you were T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Terrible. Sorry, but please return to the pen where you belong.

3) And why not? I don’t think that there’s much wrong in saying you have pitched extremely well out of the pen at times with that electrifying fastball and downright nasty slider. Joba in the pen!

4) And seriously, what was with the toning it down last year? It seemed as if you were saving your stuff for the later innings (which the Yankees would never let you pitch anyways) instead of going after guys. C’mon, Joba, you gotta go all out and leave it all on the field, is all I’m saying!

5) BRIAN CASHMAN AND OTHER YANKEE FRONT OFFICE PERSONNEL, I HAVE A QUESTION. What exactly do you see in Joba as a starter? He hasn’t exactly lived up to all the hype created after that fantastic late-2007 performance as a starter, and what could go wrong with having another great arm in the pen? I’m just saying…..

So thanks for reading today’s random sports thoughts! Good luck Joba, and Yankees, please use him in the pen…………

PS-Hey, Joba, love the fist pump and howling. Please return to that. It’s good to see guys get all fired up.

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