Cliff Eastham’s Yankees All-Franchise Team

July 13, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Welcome to installment No. 3 of the All-Franchise teams. I am endeavoring to formulate the All Time Team in each franchise’s history. A few parameters need to be established prior to beginning.

First, no player will appear on more than one team. It is my sole decision which team I place a multi-team player on.

As an example, even though Reggie Jackson earned his moniker as “Mr. October” here with the Yankees, he played twice as long for the Kansas City and Oakland Athletics twice as long as anywhere else. Therefore, he will be thrown into the mix with the A’s sluggers of all time.

Another pre-requisite, the player must have been on the Franchise team for a minimum of five years. I know some don’t like that qualifier, but I feel it is only right to have had more than a welcome interview and a couple trips to the bank to justify the face of a franchise.

Tenure is not the only criteria I will use in placing a player with a franchise. His statistics could be higher in the other team’s structure, or he may have won more awards, etc.

This is also not just a “popularity” list or “my favorite Yankee” list. If it was, rest assured Pedro wouldn’t be on it. It is based on statistics, longevity and performance.

Here is the Yankees All-Franchise Team:

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