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It’s that time of the week when I point out some of the best from around the Yankees blogosphere because even though I’d like to believe people only read Bronx Baseball Daily, there are other great blogs out there. So I’ll take a couple of minutes to point out some of the best from the rest.

First, I should probably point out a little bit of stir I created, well maybe I didn’t create it. Was Watching, a very good and maybe slightly pessimistic Yankee blog that I read regularly, wrote a piece on Carl Crawford in which the author, Steve Lombardi, called Crawford “street.” Which prompted me to write this piece . Which prompted Steve to respond . Fack Youk and the Rays Index have also responded so far. I should insist, the point of my original article was not to start a bunch of name calling, only to try to clear Crawford’s name.

On to the rest:

River Ave Blues wonders if CC Sabathia will exercise his opt-out clause in his contract .

Zell’s Yankees Blog dug up some old promos from the 80’s .

Fack Youk had a great piece on how the history of the Yankees might be shortened by two years .

No Maas had a good interview with Nick Swisher .

NYY Stadium Insider passed along a rumor that tickets should go on sale March 5th .

Pending Pinstripes had a great piece showing the Run Environment and Park Factors for the Yankees minor league affiliates .

iYankees had a piece on UZR that you should read .

The Yankee U wonders if the Yankees might target Jayson Werth next offseason .

Was Watching wonders if Robinson Cano has Hall of Fame potential .

11th and Washington Photoshopped some pics to make them look like miniature models .

An A-Blog for A-Rod had a good FJM style piece on a Jon Heyman piece .


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