Alex Rodriguez Sticks it to Grandma in Oakland

July 6, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden is famous for being protective of his pile of dirt. Especially if you trot over it on your way off the field.

Just ask Alex Rodriguez about the fit Braden threw in the A’s dugout. He was in total outrage over A-Rod taking the shorter way over his beloved pitching mound. Braden threw his glove, kicked some cups that still had water in them and cursed like a truck driver.

Guess that fact that A-Rod was right there, in the A’s stadium, his house, was just not an option. Hey, it was the next best thing than challenging A-Rod to his face.

Do not forget, Braden also threw a perfect game on May 9, 2010 but has not done much of anything since. Like win another game. Braden only had six strikeouts that day, but it was against the Tampa Bay Rays, and they are legit.

After the historic game, Braden’s grandma commented on the feud, saying, “Stick it, A-Rod.”

Now, the New York Yankees are back for three games in Oakland in Dallas Braden’s house. A-Rod is now there for the taking.

If I were A-Rod, I would assume that route back to the dugout again.

Why not?

Sticking it to Braden’s grandma is good enough reason. No older respectable woman needs to talk like that or at least add some curse words to look like real white trash.

Go figure that Braden is on the DL with elbow stiffness. He has thrown bullpen sessions. One would think this would be a series Braden would not miss unless his grandma cut off his arm.

The A’s are even trying to profit from that April 22 jog, selling festive historic T-shirts that read, “Get off my mound.”

“Get off my mound” is kind of desperate, considering Braden said it to everyone but A-Rod.

Well, that is Braden in a nut shell. A big mouth, famous via A-Rod, who got lucky on one day.

I would be concerned that I could not throw off this hump and that A-Rod still owns it.

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