A Yankees Fan’s View: Ken Griffey Jr. Will Be in Cooperstown in Five Years

June 3, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

On Wednesday afternoon, Ken Griffey Jr. took the next step in his baseball career, and that was to end it.

The Mariners outfielder and designated hitter was not having his best season and decided it was time to call it quits. Next stop for Griffey…Cooperstown.

How can a player not make it when he is listed as No. 6 overall on the all-time home run list and made the All-Star team 13 times in 22 years? Griffey is beyond qualified for a spot in baseball eternity.

Sure, Tom Seaver earned his spot with the highest percentage ever to be inducted, but that may soon be in jeopardy with Griffey. Ken Griffey is a sure bet and unanimous pick for a spot in Cooperstown.

He has 630 home runs in his career. Many, including myself, believe that Griffey would be atop the all-time home run list had he not been injured several times throughout his career.

Barry Bonds had—and has—nothing on Ken Griffey Jr.

One important thing to note about Griffey is that there is not one steroid accusation against him. He was one of the cleanest players in the game. The belief that he may have taken something while he was injured to get back on the field more quickly is quite absurd.

The baseball world would come crashing down if either of its two ambassadors, Derek Jeter or Ken Griffey Jr., were caught on performance-enhancing drugs.

Some people love to watch Michael Jordan highlights in their spare time, but I wouldn’t mind spending a day watching Griffey’s finest. Whether it was crashing through a wall or diving for a catch, this guy put his body on the line at all times.

10 Gold Gloves cannot compare to the memories he created for fans in the stands when he went all out on the field or fans watching some of the greatest plays ever and seeing the Mariners or Reds star.

Griffey will always be that baby-faced kid with the backwards hat and the white tape on the bat. He has swagger and will always have swagger.

The only difficult thing is how will that be translated onto a gold plaque at Cooperstown with Ken Griffey Jr.’s face and a Mariners hat.


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