A Yankee Hero and Legend Fallen: RIP George Steinbrenner

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

As everyone surely knows by now George Michael Steinbrenner III passed away Tuesday morning after a severe heart attack in his Tampa, FL home. Any and every Yankee fan is deeply saddened by the news of the bosses death, and respects and appreciates all he did for us.

Steinbrenner never failed to mention that all he did was for the benefit of the fans. All he wanted to do year in and year out was win the World Series. Who couldn’t like and respect a man who thrived off winning?

Who wouldn’t love to play, work for or be a fan a team like that. A team whose owner had the same goal  as every fan. Win the World Series every year.  It was more than his money being invested, he really put his heart into it. And fans not just Yankee fans I believe really appreciated that.

Representatives and fans of other MLB teams did not like Mr. Steinbrenner. He apparently was bad for baseball because he had the Yankees payroll above 200 million dollars almost ever year.

George was not bad for baseball or sports period.

It’s not stretch to say that he was and always will be the best owner in sports history. In truth, what’s really bad for baseball and sports period are these owners who have money, but are unwilling to put it into the teams that they own.

Mr. Steinbrenner should never be blamed for putting money into the New York Yankees. In fact, he should be commended. He owned the Yankees and he understood the responsibility he had to put the best possible product on the field. And since he bought the team in 1973 he never spared any expense to do so.

Sure it was very difficult and stressful to work for him. No men understood that more than Billy Martin and Joe Torre. Two men who combined to win 6 World Series titles and 10 American League pennants for Mr. Steinbrenner. Yet every year they did not win the World Series they would find themselves fighting for their jobs. Even they understood that Mr. Steinbrenner was an incredible owner to work for. Because it is truly a privelage, not a right, to have a chance to contend for the World Series crown every year.

Along with always putting the best product on the field, George was the biggest reason why the Yankees after years of being on MSG finally got their own network. The Yankees Entertainment and Sports network (YES) launched in 2002, is perhaps the bosses greatest creation and masterpiece. If there was anything that Mr. Steinbrenner did better than win it was build the Yankee brand and for that we are all eternally grateful.

As the days, weeks and months pass by and Yankee fans start to heal together, hopefully, the winning attitude Mr. Steinbrenner implemented will never leave. All Yankee fans are happy i’m sure to send the boss out as a champion after winning the World Series last season.

There is no better word to describe George Michael Steinbrenner other than a winner. He will always be remembered as such. He will be in the baseball Hall of Fame soon. It is just a shame he is not there already. Mr. Steinbrenner RIP sir, you will be dearly missed. 

(July 4, 1930- July 13, 2010)

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