2010 ALCS Game 6: Why A-Rod’s Bat Will Decide New York Yankees’ Fate

October 22, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

History in sports usually has to do with some sort stat, which can be a predictor for the future regarding similar circumstances.

So, with the Yankees down 2-3 in the ALCS series to the Texas Rangers, it got me thinking of how the bats could stay hot for more than just one game.

Pondering over the past two seasons at what had facilitated the Yankees to get hot and stay that way. I looked at all kind of stats for the team, individual players trying to see how what affected more wins and fewer losses. Did anything make the line-up respond in 2009 and 2010?

Nothing was blatantly obvious, but the one factor that did generate more wins and all around team production depended on Alex Rodriguez.

When A-Rod drives in runs or hits home-runs the team tends to follow his lead about 25 percent of the time, but in the playoffs it was around 80 percent in 2009. Problem is that the same goes if A-Rod posts all zeros as well.

Still, everyone can’t stop blaming the Yankees middle-of-the-road pitching for getting the team into this ALCS mess, which has not made it easier by any means. The bottom line remains the same, scoring runs wins ballgames. This is regardless of who is starting on the mound, because a starter’s teammates main job is to driving in runs or else you need five pitchers who never let a run score.

If Arod’s performance in the team’s 7-2 win of Game 5 is any induction that the slugger is about to get hot, watch out.

The Yankees tend to get that extra push when A-Rod swings; something they so desperately need right now.

Don’t forget that New York needs to win both games over the weekend to survive, sans superstar Mark Teixeira.

Tex had been cold as ice in both the ALDS and ALCS prior to the injury, but statistical history over the past two seasons proves this to be a working formula.

The tandem that graces the Yankees’ three and four spots in the lineup is a lethal combination and everyone’s job just got a little harder.

For now, all eyes will be on Game 6, Friday night in Arlington, TX.

For the Rangers, it’s a place in history as they’re looking to clinch the franchise’s first trip to the World Series.

Meanwhile, the Yankees’ only focus is just to win. What other options does New York have other than digging themselves out of this hole they climbed into?

They don’t, but this is the Bombers’ reality now and they know what they have to do.

If history means anything in the postseason, which is a debatable topic, Alex Rodriguez’s bat will hold the key to the New York Yankees’ destiny in the ALCS.

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