New York, Rodriguez, and Me

February 23, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments

The new Yankee Stadium is unveiled on the professional level on April 16th. A-Rod will be called “A-Hole”. It’s that simple. He is no longer The Natural. Then the Yanks will travel to hated Boston and we’ll really find out what A-Rod is made of, because you know they are going to tear him apart. This is whole story of the Yankees now; The Natural is dead and gone. We already had to deal with Giambi, but now this is another notch up, when we find out that the league’s premier non-pitching player, the most expensive player on the most expensive team in baseball (we get mocked as being “The Bankees”), is just another juicer.

None of this takes away from his jaw-dropping natural talent. And it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t truly work hard, for I know that he does. It’s just that…A-Rod has to have attention. He reads everything said about him, good and bad. He lives for the game. What his juicing really proves is that he never cared about anything but A-Rod. He is a self-centered swelled-head buffoon like the others, no better than a Bonds or a Clemens. And he knew damned well that everyone believed otherwise about him. That’s the thing, right there. And he lied, at first, and then when he was forced to come clean he did what all unheroic, self-centered buffoons do: he blamed everyone else.

What people need to understand is that players will always look for an edge. The thing that is wrong about steroids is not what they give; it’s that they are seriously dangerous, ultimately harmful, and, because of that, they are banned. A-Rod didn’t care, because he believed that he was too good to have to worry about obeying rules when nobody was looking.

They say that character is what you are like when nobody is looking. What’s terrible about A-Rod’s revelation is that this proves he doesn’t have much character after all; and that is an allegation that has cast its shadow over the whole Yankees team for about a decade now. We didn’t need this. And maybe we don’t need him.

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