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New York Yankees: 5 Reasons Why They Will Never Win with Current Management

October 17, 2011

When you break it down, most sports are simple to understand.  I've been able to teach my wife the basics of baseball in two easy lessons: pitching and defense.She now ...

New York Yankees: 5 Teams Who Might Trade for A-Rod

October 12, 2011

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports.  Ever since he signed his 10-year, $250 million contract with the Texas Rangers he has been in ...

ALDS Yankees vs. Tigers: Why Big Contracts Block Sound Baseball Decisions

October 7, 2011

Well, like most Yankees fans last night I stared at the television for a good 20 to 30 minutes after Jose Valverde struck out Alex Rodriguez to advance the Tigers ...

New York Yankees ALDS Playoff Roster: Why Did AJ Burnett Make It?

September 30, 2011

I need help here from Yankee fans—or any fans, for that matter—to give me some reasons as to why AJ Burnett is on the first-round playoff roster. I'm serious. I ...

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