Zack Greinke Afraid of Pitching in New York?

September 22, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

This blog might as well have its own section on Zack Greinke. The latest news surrounding the leading Cy Young candidate (to my dismay) is his statement about his fear of pitching in New York.

Greinke signed a four-year extension worth $38 million with the Royals prior to this season.

Had he waited until free agency, or even just until the end of this year, he would have been in line for tens of millions more. But security had substantial appeal, especially given that Greinke recognized that Kansas City offered him a comfortable environment, on and off the field.

“[The environment] had a lot to do with [signing the extension], for sure,” said Greinke. “Now, maybe New York would bother me, but I don’t think anywhere else would bother me anymore. Even though I’m in Kansas City, I’ve gotten used to it a lot more. New York, I still might have trouble in New York. I probably would. But I think almost everyone does.”

I find it very interesting that he publicly singles out New York as the biggest media-crazed baseball city. Wouldn’t he want to remain on good terms with New York, just in case the Yankees offered him big money?

Also, if a guy with a 2.14 ERA says he would have trouble pitching in New York, I think that shuts down all of the Yankee-haters that say it’s a cakewalk to pitch in the Bronx.

Please, discuss.

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