Yankees: What the Yankees Need to Do to Be in a World Series Path

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

It was a long season for Yankee fans in 2011, ending of the season with a brutal series loss to the Detroit Tigers. Even after the surprising seasons’ of Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia and a the help of the Yankees as usual core players.

However, in the 2011 season, there were some downfalls of several Yankee players. Due to injuries and more, Alex Rodriguez was limited to play only 99 games, 16 homers and a batting average in the .270’s, all these stats were the worst of his career, after a complete season.

The Yankees have a long path to go to get to the World Series this coming year, and there team remains at a standpoint, unexpected to improve greatly from last year. It’s a bad sign that the Yankees rotation will most likely consist of Freddy Garcia, C.C Sabathia and Ivan Nova, with a likely spring training knockout process of Hector Noesi, A.J. Burnett, Dellin Betances and Phil Hughes.

Both Hughes and A.J. Burnett had horrific seasons this past year, while Noesi and Betances were both late season call-ups. Adding to that, Ivan Nova might enter a sophomore slump (always a possibility), and Freddy Garcia is unlikely to repeat his astonishing season.

The Yankees can very easily make mistakes, which can ruin the chances of them not only winning the World Series, but even making the postseason.

With the Los Angeles Angels now serious contenders, the Rays adding a nice hand to the rotation with Matt Moore and the Red Sox players starting to adjust to their new team, it will be a race to the finish.

The Yankees will have to play their cards right this year, and not sit back like the postseason is imminent.

If the Yankees want some rings in 2012, here is a few musts for them to do for the 2012 season.
First of all, the Yankees must get rid of A.J. Burnett. For the last two years, A.J. Burnett had horrific seasons, and shouldn’t be given another chance, despite his large contract.

Without Burnett, the Yankees can consider trying a new arm in the rotation, such as Dellin Betances, who is clearly ready for a major league stint. Right now, the Yankees should trade Burnett to a team desperate for a pitcher and who are willing to give up prospect, which can be in use for the future.

Even though it is unlikely the right thing to do is to give Joba Chamberlain a stint for a comeback season in the 2012 season. I am not saying he should be in the rotation for the season, but a should be given a chance.

Pitchers often improve after getting Tommy John surgery, and Chamberlain left the 2009 season, with a stint in the bullpen, despite his injury, he was playing well game by game, as the seventh inning. The Yankees are considering Hector Noesi and other rookies for the starting rotation for 2012, so why not try Joba? Maybe he’ll give us something to watch.

Another unlikely transaction on the Yankee to-do list is putting Adam Warren in the rotation. He is 24 years old, and has a powerful fast ball in the mid 90’s. His four-seamer, can reach at 97 mph and could leave the batter clueless. He has a lot of potential, and is ready for a major league stint sooner than later.

The Bronx Bombers, are certainly not set and need to search the trade market before competing for a World Series stint. The Braves are considerably high on Eduardo Nunez, and if the Yankees can find a deal involving Eduardo Nunez, Dellin Betances and one of the catching prospects which Yankee have a surplus of for Gio Gonzalez, who can fulfill a successful rotation.

The Yankees, also must keep Montero where he is. Montero, had a great stint at the end of the season, and will hopefully continue it throughout the 2012 season. Montero is a great offensive force, accumulating to what they already have on the offensive side.

Lastly, the Yankees must monitor Manny Banuelos’ status. A short stint in the 2012 season and a force in the offseason can greatly change a team, and put them through the offseason with less issues and fill a spot. The Yankees have many needs on the to-do list to get a repeat of 2009, but if they play the right cards, the path can be right next to them.

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