Top Five George Steinbrenner Free Agent Signings for New York Yankees

July 15, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

We will never see another owner like George M. Steinbrenner III.

Free agency began in December of 1975 and the Yankees owner, just two years in at the time, was willing to spend in order to see his team finish on top.

Steinbrenner would go on to sign pitchers (Catfish Hunter), stars (Reggie Jackson), the “fat, pus*y toad” (Hideki Irabu), and seemingly every other can’t miss free agent.

Under his reign, Steinbrenner’s Yankees won 16 division titles, 11 American League pennants, and seven World Series Championships. To put his winning ways into perspective, the rest of the New York sports teams, since 1973, won a combined 10 titles.

The next five slides are the best players/manager that the Boss acquired during his 37 years as the Yankees owner.

Thank you, George, for being willing to spend your money, unlike many other owners out there today.

This is the reason why he spent his millions:

“The only thing I care about is the Yankees fans. I could care less what the other people or detractors say. It really doesn’t bother me.”

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