This Just In: Angels beat Boston, Twins beat Yanks.

October 7, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

That’s right. A prediction. The Angels and Twins will meet in the ALCS.

It all came clear to me watching the Twins run into each other’s arms after the Detroit win.

Why will the Angels beat Boston? Well, I have certainly expressed in earlier articles why they wouldn’t, and why they haven’t. But now I am saying they WILL. for one simple reason.

Because I feel it.

Isn’t that what predictions are based on, anyway? Stats mean nothing in the playoffs.  It’s all momentum, gut feeling, confidence and curses – or the end of them.

And this curse is over.

The Angels are better than last year. Call it the three P’s. More power, more punch, more patience. Boston is not better. They know they’re not better. But they believe they will beat the Angels.

Well, this year, I think the Angels believe they can beat Boston as well.

And why Minnesota? How can they beat the mighty New York Yankees?


It’s huge in sports. The Yankees clinched a playoff berth weeks ago. The Twins are still running downhill from their amazing victory over Detroit. They won’t come off that high until they’ve finished off the Bronx bombers. I saw this with the Halos in 2002. And I think it will happen again.

The Twins are well coached, have a huge homefield advantage in the Metrodome, the emotion of it being the last season in their park, and right now feel like they can beat anybody.

So they will.

Angels versus Twins. Get ready. It’s coming. 

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