The “Earlier” Years of Alex Rodriguez: The Lost Notes of Selena Roberts

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

We have all seen the reports on Selena Roberts’ “The Many Lives of A-Rod” in which she goes to great lengths to probe into not only Alex Rodriguez’ life as a baseball player but the formative years that made him the man that he is today. Roberts’ portrayal is the result of unmatched investigative journalism, uncovering tales of steroids in high school, his tipping habits at the local Hooter’s franchise, and the infamous “Bitch Tits” moniker bestowed upon him by his Yankee teammates.  

One might ask, if Selena Roberts is such an incredible investigative journalist, why did she stop there?  Why did she spare him the embarrassing details of his youth?  

The answer? She didn’t!!!!

What you are about to read are the lost pages of Selena Roberts’ recent journalistic masterpiece in which she chronicles the details of a childhood that only she could uncover. Ms. Roberts traveled far and wide, speaking to numerous unnamed pre-school classmates and unconfirmed neighbors of Alex Rodriguez and the Rodriguez family. This excerpt ends as Alex ends his two years at the Kendall Academy and heads to the very high school where Roberts was able to uncover an unsubstantiated claim of high school steroid use.


According to unnamed sources with whom Alex Rodriguez attended pre-school, Alex’s insecurities were very evident at a very early age.  According to these classmates who choose to remain anonymous, Alex benefited greatly on the playground from the family business. 

The Rodriguez family owned a shoe store in Washington Heights, which was run by his father. According to unnamed toddler sources, Alex was looking for an edge on the playground even at the age of four.  Persistent rumors throughout the neighborhood revealed that Alex persuaded his father into inserting steel toes into his Converse All Stars, a move that gave him a decided edge in the recess kickball games. 

“The impact he has exhibited kicking the ball as a child are consistent with the “steel toe” theories running rampant on playgrounds throughout the country.” 

Based on the sudden improvement in Rodriguez’ kick distance, and “in conjunction with the reporting that that was conducted with his pre-school teammates, it would make it irrefutable, not a “may have,” that “Rodriguez placed steel into the toe of his Converse All Star.”

The “steel toe” suspicions were abuzz throughout the neighborhood causing severe stress on the Rodriguez’ family. Although it never seemed to amount to anything worth reporting to the school, the family was feeling the pressures of the cover-up.

The general consensus among other pre-schoolers and their parents was to just shrug it off as “Alex being Alex.”   

The family, however, could not shrug it off. At an early age and possibly due to the playground suspicions surrounding Alex, Victor and Lourdes moved the Rodriguez’ family to the Dominican Republic. 

The chicanery did not end in Washington Heights for Alex.  While they did not know it at the time, the move to the Dominican was a move that was likely a precursor to his steroid use later in life.

It was at this time that Victor and Lourdes Rodriguez opened a pharmacy.   

All seemed well with life in the Dominican, except for the fact that a young Alex was becoming nauseated on his daily bus ride to school. While numerous sources would not confirm on the record that they suspected Alex was using the family business as his own personal playgorund, my exhaustive research into steroids and their side effects reveals that “large oral doses can cause stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting.”

The evidence seems to debunk the school bus theory and point more toward Alex’s access to the family pharmacy as the root of his nausea?

Again facing the scrutiny of those around them, due largely to Alex’s mysterious nausea, the Rodriguez family once again decided to run from the controversy and returned to the United States.

Upon returning to the United States, Victor soon abandoned his family, never to return. 

Alex was feeling the burden of his father’s departure.  Having been the cause of two scandals in which his family has to pack up and leave their pasts behind them was quite a cross to bear for Alex. To have his father leave would soon leave a young Alex and his fragile psyche with even deeper insecurities.  Insecurities that could surely drive him to the hedonistic lifestyle that he lived out later in life.  

By the grace of God, Alex was introduced to the game of baseball. His new love of baseball was seemingly able to fill the immense void left behind by his father. One could only hope that at such a fragile time in a 9-year-old’s life baseball would be enough that his adolescent insecurities would not bring back the Dominican demons that caused the nausea. 

The demons that reared their ugly heads when the family was in the pharmacy business. As an investigative journalist, it would be irresponsible to overlook such an overwhelming coincidence.

Baseball was Alex’s escape, and in the seventh grade, he enrolled in the prestigious Kendall Academy. Alex performed well through two years at Kendall without any major issues. Aside from numerous rumors of his passing notes to other boys’ girlfriends in study hall and being less than polite to the lunch lady, Alex seemed to be fitting in well with his new school, according to unnamed sources that chose not to be identified.

It seems that as he enters high school, Alex has finally been able to separate himself from the suspicious tales of his youth.  

Or has he?

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