The Arcane Eighth Inning Decision of Joe Girardi

July 1, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Brian Bruney was sent to replace Phil Hughes in the eight inning on Tuesday night game against the Seattle Mariners. This had also caused the Yankees fans to send comments and criticism about the decision.

No one knows the real reason manager Joe Girardi did so. He may have given the media answers to their questions about the eight inning decision, but I doubt he gave them his real reason, which I understand. There are people who will give you something acceptable or reasonable, but it doesn’t mean it’s the real reason.

People can only guess. And my guess is Joe Girardi wants to give the Yankees’ pitchers the chance to throw balls. It’s good, actually, because the pitchers can check themselves if they’re doing well and if they can face hitters with good results for their team.

It sounds like a trial and error because it is a trial and error, in a way. It’s good if the pitcher is able to yield positive results. If he’s just average or (still) below average, then he’ll be able to work on his weakness. The problem with this is if the result is negative, like what happened during Brian Bruney’s pitching. He gave up an intentional walk and two runs.

The Mariners then tied with the Bronx Bombers, 5-5. Good thing pinch runner Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, and Melky Cabrera scored, respectively, in the bottom of the eight and the Yankees were back in the lead.

With the Sandman pitching in the ninth inning, the game was finally closed. The Yankees won against the Mariners, 8-5.

I don’t like to overrate people, especially those on my favorite team, so I hope this one about Mariano Rivera is not an exaggeration, but Saving Mo has once again come to the rescue.

Whatever mentality Joe Girardi has is not my primary concern. It’s his call, not mine nor anyone’s, for the Yankees. But as a fan, I hope he will always help the Bronx Bombers win their games.

I’m not a whiner, and I am keeping the faith. I think I should play Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi, or by Michael Jackson. I prefer Bon Jovi’s.

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