The 10 Pitchers Most Likely To Plunk A-Rod in 2009

May 21, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

MLB’s last decade taught us guys will do anything, no matter how unhealthy or illegal, to get an edge on the opposition. Call it the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED)-era: we’ve got greenies (speed), multiple types of steroids, HGH, biting into the adrenal gland of a rare marsupial (okay, I made that up), and almost anything and everything imaginable in pursuit of supreme performance.

The philosophical debate rages about the ethicality of PEDs, but nothing obliterates the line between right and wrong quite like the allegations Alex Rodriguez tipped opposing hitters to what pitch was forthcoming in hopes the favor would be returned. Oh the pressure to be the best.

This is the guy who claimed no roids to that lady on CBS then changed his tune for that guy on the “big sports network”, and now the Salena Roberts book alleges a much longer steroid timeline dating back to high school.

Very few players could possibly hold his PED past–if it is in the past–against him, but the alleged pitch-tipping means A-Rod will face several former teammates who must be wondering if their career ERAs shouldn’t be a tad lower.

These former teammates would most certainly hold it against him if they believe the opposing batter knew the pitch they threw via A-Rod.

Makes you wonder when this alleged practice of pitch tipping began.

High school?

Was his cousin somehow involved?

And if/when he does get thrown at, will Yankee pitchers retaliate on his behalf? Or do nothing, knowing he may have tipped off the opposition when they’ve been on the mound?

When all is said and done, this guy may be blamed for swine flu, global warming, solar dimming, the economic crisis, the Detroit Lions, the end of oil, or any other imaginable doomsday scenario, but, for now, I give you the 10 Pitchers Most Likely to Plunk A-Rod in 2009.

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