Start Spreading the News: The VFA Week Seven Awards

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Right, it’s been an emotionally exhausting Week Seven for the VFA. When we weren’t catching breath from swearing at the refs after their performance in the Arkansas vs Florida game, we were jumping up and down, and nearly in tears after the Yankees’ 13th inning ALCS win over the Angels.

Come on guys? You didn’t just watch college football did you?

“What A Game” Award for keeping us breathless for 60 minutes

1. Florida 23, Arkansas 20. Both sides got out of jail in this one. Florida turned the ball over a lot in the red-zone, and Arkansas couldn’t convert more of their chances. Oh, and the SEC officials got in the way, too.

2. Arizona State 24, Washington 17. Arizona State’s Danny Sullivan throws a 50-yard TD pass with five seconds to go to win it for the Sun Devils.

3. USC 34, Notre Dame 27. We thought it would be more one-sided than this. Apparently, the Pac-10 officials had other ideas.

4. Texas 16, Oklahoma 13. A ton of turnovers. Messy, but exciting.

5. Purdue 26, Ohio State 18. Purdue speed out to a lead, then nearly contrive to blow it all. They don’t, and it’s bye, bye Buckeye.

“We Didn’t Expect That” Award for eyebrow-raising scorelines

1. Iowa’s win over Wisconsin. We thought it MIGHT happen, but didn’t think that they’d come from 10-0 down to win 20-10. We’d obviously forgotten about Happy Valley.

2. Florida to play so badly against Arkansas. Seriously—they were awful.

3. Texas Tech—Next time Bo, give the Blackshirts at the end of the season.

4. Colorado beating Kansas—Brilliant game, but CU finally gets the goalposts down. Which they probably deserved last week at Texas, if we’re honest.

5. Georgia Tech beating Virginia Tech. To quote ESPN commentary, “Paul Johnson’s playing chess, the rest are playing checkers.” The Hokies couldn’t deal with the triple option.

“You Put Together Some Offense Award” for Basketball Stats

Michigan puts up over 700 yards and 63 points against the mighty South Delaware State (who are SDSU exactly??)…Kansas State drops 62 on Texas A&M…

“I’ll Never Doubt You Again” Award for Overcoming A Lack of Faith

Iowa. We thought you’d lose to Mad-town to the Wisconsin Badgers. We also saw you getting beat in Happy Valley. From now on, you’re going unbeaten. In our books, anyway.


“Great Cameraman Job” Award for One Man’s Work Making Millions Happy

Goes to ESPN. Not only do they give us weekly shots of Erin Andrews (this time at Alabama, kids!), but their efforts to highlight (extreme) hotties at the Penn State-Minnesota game—as well as a darned good snowman—definitely get the thumbs up from us. No points for not getting the future Mrs. Colt McCoy though. Minus points go to ESPN College Gameday, for showing us an interview with Colt McCoy and that horrible moustache. The boy looks like an alien.

“We Love Defense” Award

1. Penn State’s shut-out against Minnesota. FYI, watch the fourth-and-goal stuff against Minnesota. We’re not expecting the same on Saturday against Michigan, but it would be nice.

2. Alabama (again) against South Carolina. True, Stephen Garcia’s not a good quarterback. But he was made to look dreadful against ‘Bama’s defensive front.

3. Arkansas. Huge turnover day in Florida. Pity Ryan Mallett couldn’t turn it into points.

4. Texas-Oklahoma. Both sides beat the crap out of each other, and actually forced most of the turnovers.

5. Clemson beat the crap out of Riley Skinner and only gave up three points en route to a barnstorming 38-3 victory against Wake.

“Get some glasses ref!” Award for Bad Refereeing

A voucher to the local Wal Mart Vision Center goes to SEC officials at the Florida vs Arkansas game, as well as Pac-10 officials at the USC vs Notre Dame game.

And finally….

“Top Cheerleaders” Award

1. Texas wins the coveted trophy yet again. Well done girls, well done. So glad we didn’t have to hear them speak. Email the VFA, and come and get the award. Collectively.

2. Arkansas—Their team may not have won, but they won the cheerleader war.

3. Florida—SEC domination continues.

4. Penn State—Back from the dead with good work from the ESPN crew.

5. Arizona State—Their celebration in the clip below makes us all happy. Really happy.

“Top Co-Eds Award” For Lovely Students

1. Sorority girls at Florida. They might have to mix in The Swamp with the whitest of white trash (we saw plenty on view on CBS), but they stand out. And God Bless ‘Em for that.

2. Penn State. A few lovelies to keep things warm in a frigid State College this weekend. We wonder if they were throwing snowballs?

3. Texas. Everywhere, friends, everywhere.

4. Arizona State. Wow (More from previous experience than any view on Fox Sports).

And the best moment of the weekend…..

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