Roger Clemens: Liar and Cheat

August 23, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Roger Clemens is a liar and a cheat.  There is no other way to say it.  

Clemens has taken his Hall of Fame career and downed the deuce as he perjured himself in front of Congress.  Actually, as Clemens appeared before Congress, they of all people, would understand how to lie and cheat, after all, they are politicians, who are kissing babies one moment, and stealing their candy the next.  Clemens fits in just right, as another piece of the puzzle.

Cheating has been going on in baseball forever. From the spitball to loaded bats, players have been attempting to gain an edge in a highly competitive, high stakes game. The best strategy Clemens should have employed is either the one currently used by, please forgive me, Barry “I Did Not Know What I Was Using” Bonds and his feasible deniability, or forget how to speak English, as did Sammy “The Loaded Bat” Sosa.

Clemens’ choice to take on Congress and continue with his bulldog stance has doomed, at least for now, any chance of being selected to the Hall of Fame.  Moreover, he may get a special area in a federal prison, which is where he belongs.  Additionally, to have Brian McNamee inject that same stuff into his wife, just displays the total disregard Clemens has for himself, and more importantly, the well being of his family.

Clemens has made untold millions of dollars during his career, both on the field and through endorsements.  All that means absolutely nothing right now, and I doubt that money will save him from going to jail.  He has lost the respect and admiration of baseball fans, who marveled at the way he pitched into his late 30s and early 40s.  We all thought it was the maniacal manner in which he worked out and worshipped his body.

I guess we were all fooled.

Finally, as a New York Mets’ fan, Roger Clemens and the 2000 Yankees stole the World Series from us.  I can only imagine how many Yankees were juiced.  

If five were juiced, take the trophy back and award it to the Mets.  It is done in the Olympics.  Clemens beaned Mike Piazza on purpose.  

Clemens threw the broken bat at Mike Piazza during the World Series and was screaming at him. Piazza manned up and went back to the dugout, without starting a fight.  Clemens is a loud mouthed liar, cheat and bully.  Eventually, bullies get it all back.

Clemens will probably get minimum time, if any, in a minimum security prison.  He just better be careful bending over in the shower, because that is what he did to a lot of his teammates, players from other teams, and most importantly, to the game of baseball and its fans.  I wonder what Suzyn Waldman has to say!

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