New York Yankees: My First Trip to Yankee Stadium

June 16, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
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After I finished my work in the office, I hopped on a New York City subway train and headed N orth towards the Bronx.

I was on my way to my first ever New York Yankees game.

I am a recent college graduate who recently relocated to the Big Apple to begin my career. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, originally from Boston, I never really saw the need to drive down to the city to catch a game.

However, now that I have become a huge fan of everything baseball, a trip to the newly established stadium had to be done.

I moved to the city four days ago and had circled the subway series on my calendar as what would be my first game. Last night’s game between the Phillies immediately caught my eye. CC Sabathia vs. Roy Halladay was just too good for me to turn down.

As I exited the train, looking over the Bronx, the first area I noticed was the massive dirt landscape where the old Yankee Stadium used to rest. I then quickly turned my body to the right and saw the brand new stadium.

The ballpark was beautiful; clean, polished, and garnished with a white colored stone that gave a real distinct look. After meeting up with my friend, we entered into enemy territory.

I found the first level of the stadium to be very interesting. Massive banners of all the Yankee greats hung from the ceilings, and the area is filled with numerous projection screens. Every fan has endless choices when it comes to appetizers, food, and drinks. You can even decide to enjoy your meal in one of the stadiums many restaurants.

We quickly made our way to the upper deck level and took our seats. I was looking forward to seeing two of the games best starters go head-to-head against each other.

The game started off much different than I had expected.

With two runners on base during the bottom of the second inning, Brett Gardner smacked a triple to right field, driving in two runs. This would be the start of numerous Yankee runs scored off of the usually dominate Roy Halladay.

When it was all said and done, the Yankees came away with an 8-3 win against the Phillies.

Being from Boston, I love Fenway and think it is an unbelievable park.

With that said, a new and bigger stadium does offer the every day fan some comforts that Fenway cannot. In these new stadiums, you have more leg and body room and you never need to deal with any obstructions.

However, there is just nothing like Fenway .

I enjoyed what Yankee Stadium had to offer and will admit that it is a nice, top-notch facility. It is just very hard for a Red Sox fan to sit their, surrounded by Yankee fans, and enjoy the game.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Red Sox come to town later in the summer. For now, my next stop is Citi Field.




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