New York Yankees Fans More Loyal Than Boston Red Sox Fans

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Rivalries have always played a huge role in sports, and we all know the fun in rooting against a team we hate.

In the past, rivals have been compared in a number of ways, from who has the best current team to who has won the most championships to who has the best fans. We at SeakGeek thought it would be interesting to compare rivals based on transactions on the secondary ticket market.

In our first installment of the series, we decided to look at one of, if not the most, famous baseball rivalry of all time, between the Boston Red Sox  and the New York Yankees .

In the first graph, we have gathered data showing the average transaction price per month for February through May. As you can see, the Yankees and Red Sox have very different trends.  Starting in March, Yankees ticket prices have increased month to month as the season has ramped up. Red Sox ticket prices, on the other hand, have remained fairly constant after an initial decrease moving from February to March.
Average Ticket Price Charts:
Avg. Secondary Market Tansaction Price /Month Two notes about this graph: It likely reflects the comparatively stronger start for the Yankees. We previously called out this Red Sox downward ticket trend in our TicketBeat report where data suggested Red Sox fans aren’t as loyal as conventional wisdom might suggest.
We also thought it would be interesting to track the ticket price changes as a percentage change over time – with February as our base month. This allows us to compare consumer sentiment fluctuations across different teams on the same scale..
Normalized Avg. Ticket Price Comparison Things to note: Boston Red Sox tickets purchased in May are 10% below the price of tickets transacted in February. New York Yankees  tickets purchased in May are 14% above the price of tickets transacted in February.
This graph is another way to look at the increase in Yankees prices and decrease in Red Sox prices so far this season. This could possibly be attributed to the Yankees superior play at the start of this season. It will be interesting to see if the data for June shows increased prices as a result of Boston’s better play of late.
We will keep you updated. We plan to look at these trends again when we have data for all of June. In the future, we will also compare the % of face value paid by the teams fans to better account for seasonal/other variables.


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