New York Yankees: Don’t Associate Them with Class

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

As a Miami Dolphin last year, New York Jets linebacker Jason Taylor mentioned Jets fans taking the “cl” out of class when it comes to talking about them. Now, he has to find a way to win them back.

Maybe he can go say that about the Yankees, but this is not a good idea for a guy that is trying to make a new impression in this region.

So this baseball guy will say it for Taylor: Taylor’s statement of “cl” can be applied to the Yankees.

For all the ridicule Ogre gets on this site, he is right on with the Yankees. This group is unlikable. Let’s count the ways to why they are.

This team charges exorbitant amount of money to go to a game. Tickets range from $45 to $250. It’s a joke.

Now, the Yankee zealots will point out a fan can go to a game for 10 dollars. The problem with that argument is those seats are all sold out, and it’s hard to believe that it’s even available to begin with.

The Yankees doesn’t strike this critic as a team that charges their product for less money. They know they can charge more because they can. Folks are stupid enough to do just that.

It’s hard to take a family of four to Yankee Stadium when one sees this.

It’s interesting most of the people that go to the game are not even from New York or New Jersey. They are actually from other parts of the country.

There’s something wrong with that. How about the nice folks from the Bronx that can’t even go to the game since it’s too expensive? It’s bad enough those people are trying to make ends meet in feeding their family and housing them. There’s no way they can go to the game.

If it isn’t that, it’s other things.

Yankees president Randy Levine has been taking shots at small-market teams for not using up all their revenue money to sign players. That’s easier said than done.

Revenue sharing is not enough to pay many players. Even if a team pays that money to a star, it means other players are going to be gone. It’s something Levine fails to understand.

The Yankees have a manager that promotes classlessness in Joe Girardi. This manager comes off unlikeable, with his antics such as sitting in the top step of the dugout or acting like he invents the ballgame.

He promotes his pitchers throwing at the batters. This was never the case under Joe Torre, who did all he could to make his team conduct themselves with class.

The players leave a lot to be desired, too. Is there any Yankee that a critic even likes? Seriously. It’s hard for this person to come up with one.

Last week said a lot about these guys.

It started with Alex Rodriguez going to first from third via the pitcher’s mound. That move infuriated A’s young starter Dallas Braden.

Braden may have gone overboard, but at least, he showed guts by speaking out about Rodriguez. Too many times, other players bow down to the Yankees when they don’t mean it.

It’s admirable someone would speak from the heart.

Rodriguez acted like a punk during that sequence and then in his press conference.

Obviously, he wanted to start a fight with Braden by doing that, and then when Braden motioned to him, Rodriguez was mocking him by waving his hand dismissively.

This shows lack of class from a baseball veteran. First of all, Rodriguez knows better than to do what he did.

It’s rare to see a player go to first from third from the mound. It never happens. If young kids did this type of stuff in high school or little leagues, they get reamed by the coaches.

Managers and veterans tell that to players that are coming from the minors about the unwritten rule.

It’s hard to believe Rodriguez would ever dare do that against the Red Sox or some elite starter. He knows better. The fact he tried that against a young pitcher, it shows lack of respect for the game and for the team.

Braden must back up his talk by plunking Rodriguez the next time he faces him, or else what he said was nothing more than grandstanding.

Rodriguez had a chance to be a better person in this, but he came off as a brat by dismissing Braden about his handful wins of his career. So much for respecting the game by the self-centered star.

Then, Michael Kay wonders why Rodriguez’s peers hate him. It has nothing to do what he makes. It’s about how he conducts himself.

Elementary school kids know more about respect than Rodriguez.

It’s amusing to read and hear about Rodriguez being reborn last year, but old habits don’t die hard.

The following day, Mark Teixeira decided to one-up Rodriguez. He collided into Brian Wilson in an attempt to get the catcher out of the game.

This was in response for Ervin Santana plunking him.

Is there a player that cried more about being plunked than Tex? Seriously. This happened last year too when Carlos Gomez ran into Teixeira in an attempt to get on base.

The Yankees surly first baseman raised a fuss and screamed at Gomez and Ron Gardenhire.

If Teixeira does not like being hit, he can do two things. He can stop being close to the plate or he can quit the sport and take in ballerina.

In professional sports, getting hit is part of the game.

Teixeira had a chance to check up on Wilson, but he never even did. It says a lot about him.

Finally, Yankees assistant general manager Jean Afterman tells President Obama that his beloved the Chicago White Sox will not win a championship again.

Who is she to even say something? Does an official go tell anyone stuff like this?

A person in administration should keep quiet and say nothing. An assistant baseball general manager should keep himself or herself in anonymity.

This was nothing more than Afterman seeking attention. That’s what it came down to.

It’s a safe bet Afterman is nothing more than a do-nothing person.

People ask why the Yankees are unlikable. It’s actions like these that prove the point.

Stay classy, Yankees.

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