New York Yankees: 27 Rings and Still Hungry!

December 9, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
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The Yankees are showing why they are an elite team once again. Say what you want, like “They buy all their championships.” Maybe, maybe not. I say, “If you don’t reinvest in your product, it becomes stationary. It becomes average.” Merely weeks after celebrating another championship, they are still at work making some major moves this current off season.

New York City is not average; its sport franchises shouldn’t be either. I will state for the record, that the Knicks are struggling thanks largely in part to Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury, and Eddy Curry. Hopefully that will change. The Giants are struggling, but they were champions recently in a major upset over the perfect Patriots and “spygate” in Super Bowl XLII. The Jets are finding themselves.

The Yankees however, are an enterprise, expertly run from top to bottom, from field to office. This is a franchise that demands excellence, and produces excellence. This is a team that has a “tradition” of opening ballparks with championships. Can your team say that?

A number of former and current Yankee legends have as many or more rings themselves, than a majority of the other teams do as a franchise—in any league! Only the Boston Celtics rival the amount of championships of the New York Yankees, but they still only have about half of the Yankees rings. Can your team say that?

The Yankees are a clear example of using your products profits to make the product better. Do you hear Toyota crying about what BMW does to improve their product? No. Only in sports, only with the Yankees. Long have teams, players, and fans of baseball criticized the Yankees’ spending habits.

Waa waa waa, all the way home…

The fans invest in their team, and the teams invests in giving the fans what they want, championships…

After his stellar performance in the playoffs and World Series, as well as the season’s accomplishments, Andy Pettite has been re-signed by the Yankees. “I felt strong at the end of the season,” Pettitte said. They agreed on a one-year contract worth $11.75 million, on Wednesday Dec. 9th 2009.

With CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett returning, repeating as champs in 2010 is very realistic and probably likely barring any injuries. Hopefully, Chien-Ming Wang can return to his former self and become the dominate force in the rotation he was a couple seasons ago, before the injury. Talks of the Yankees getting Roy Halladay still loom in the night air. What was already a fearsome rotation, looks damn near terrifying.

Not only are the Yankees looking for more arms, they also pulled a stunt from nowhere and grabbed Curtis Granderson. His home numbers weren’t anything special, but his road games were excellent. The Yankees sent outfield prospect Austin Jackson and left-handed reliever Phil Coke to Detroit . Ian Kennedy wound up in Arizona . Granderson joins a team anchored by a stellar in-field and protected by a living legend, the Sandman…

The Yankees have yet to show what the plans for Damon, Cabrera, and Matsui are, but Granderson is sure to play defense. Matsui could return as the DH and Damon and Cabrera could both wind up staying in the outfield. Gardener and Swisher could have new homes to make room for Granderson. Swisher struggled at times, but it can’t be denied that he was a major source of the team’s fiery spunk and chemistry. That and A.J.’s pies…

It looks like the Yankees are not relaxing in the glory of their most recent championship. They continue to make moves and shake the competition out of their shoe strings. Already upgrading an already powerful unit. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Step up and get some of our 27 rings…

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