New York Yankees 2009: A Championship Class

November 5, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

So the Yankees are again World Series Champions.  After finishing off the previously defending World Series Champions in six games, the Bombers brought back a title that was beginning to seem elusive.

We know what the critics are saying: “It’s been nine whole years since the poor Yankees last tasted victory.”

And in some respect, it’s true.  

Fans of the New York Yankees are spoiled to be given a competitive team year in and year out.  But so what? Fans of other organizations are simply jealous that it isn’t their team attempting to claim a title every year.

But wait a second—the Yankees don’t win every title, so what’s all the fuss about?  Just because the Yankees spend money to win doesn’t guarantee them a championship (as the last nine years have proven).

Personally, there are friends in my life that are Red Sox, Phillies and Mets fans. But bitterness is never a flavor I experience.  Maybe it’s because, up until last night, four titles in five years provided me with a palate immune to resentment.

When the Red Sox won their first title, this writer was respectful of their championship even though they did it in historic fashion after a win over the Yankees in the ALCS

When the Phillies got theirs, it was the same thing.  Even when the Mets fell one pitch away from making an appearance in the World Series, I rooted the Metropolitans on.  

It’s my feeling that every fan should have the opportunity to experience the taste of victory.

Five years and two championships later, you would think Red Sox fans would have the decency to sit back quietly in respect of what it takes to win it all. 

But no.

Let’s keep things in perspective here.  The Sox sought Alex Rodriguez.  They dangled large amounts of money (although seemingly not enough) in the eyes of Mark Teixeira. And don’t dare claim that they didn’t want CC Sabathia this off season.

But because they couldn’t wrangle them in, they’re once again bitter.

The adage goes: It isn’t a rivalry until both teams win.  

Well, now that the Sox have captured their glory and the Yankees have reclaimed theirs— the battle ensues.

But we digress.

For now, the New York Yankees are champions.  

In six games, the best team of 2009 showed what it took to win.  No one made predictions.  They simply went out and played ball.  They hit, they pitched, they fielded, and they did it all with purpose.

Say what you may about the boys from the Bronx.  But if your team woke up today as World Series Champions, I would say congratulations!

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