New York Teams Should Help Themselves

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

      Javier Vasquez has been terrible for the Bronx Bombers. After a stellar 2009 campaign with the National League East’s Atlanta Braves, the pitcher who had fifteen wins and an ERA below three is getting beat up in baseball’s toughest division. The Yankees have options to fill in Vazquez’s rotation sport, including a couple of untested minor leaguers who rank high on their prospect lists and Joba Chamberlain, who is currently waiting in the bullpen.

      The problem with filling in someone else in Vazquez’s rotation spot is that how is Brian Cashman going to justify flipping Melky Cabrera, who admittedly isn’t doing so hot down in Atlanta, and a couple of young arms for a guy who makes three starts in the majors.

      The team across town, the Mets, could have use for the fifteen game winner. Maybe it’s the pressure of New York that is making Vazquez crumble, but still a move to Queens wouldn’t be the worst thing. John Maine and Oliver Perez aren’t going to cut it on a team that is playing good baseball with their best player, Carlos Beltran, still on the DL.

       Why not send Vasquez to Queens for Daniel Murphy, who would still be blocked by that first baseman the Yankees have, or Bobby Parnell, who could slot in for Joba if he’s the one taking over Vasquez’s spot. The will makes sense for both teams: the Yankees get to rid themselves of sending that bag of balls out there every fifth day and the Mets get a better bag of balls than they have in Perez or Maine. The Mets will need a fifth starter to compete and Vasquez will inevitably have a better ERA in the NL, pitching in Citi Field, and again playing in a division that he dominated last year.

      Even Maine could end up in pinstripes and in the bullpen if that’s what it comes too (He has a tendency to have a high pitch count in the fourth or fifth inning and a move to the bullpen would solve that problem. Plus a change of scenery would be good for John).

    Not since the Mets sent Mike Stanton to the Yankees in 2004 have the two complete a deal. It’s not a perfect scenario but in times like these the crosstown rivals have to explore trades, no matter how creative. 




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