New York and Boston: A Rivalry That Should Not Be

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

This was a very long comment that I just put on another article—it’s very long though and kind of off the subject I placed it on. Therefore I cleaned it up and here it is. Enjoy.


Seriously, this is the whole Boston- NY deal.

In Boston, Baseball RULES. They had an awesome football team but hardly paid them any attention.

Boston people are so into their baseball team that it literally affects the quality of their lives in a measurable economic fashion.

In NY, we don’t care as much. We aren’t into it on the same level as Bostonites.

The reason we go after you guys so much is really just retaliation. If the Yankees lose a World Series it stinks but life goes on.

In Boston there would be suicides and u know I’m right about that.

Before Boston beat the Yanks in that outrageous four game sweep there really was no rivalry. Boston Thought there was but it was more like a rout than a rivalry. In order to be a rival you have to win sometimes.

Well that series really took the cake—one of the worst sports experiences for me.

I still went to work the next day.

Thank God the Giants won that SB—if not I would hear nothing but ALCS ALCS blah blah.

Now whenever someone from Boston does that I just say 18-1 and it usually stops the barrage.

It’s not as strong, but it works.

I know that Boston makes money. If they had a bigger stadium, they would still sell out every single game.

Yankee Stadium can hold almost 58k people at full capacity. Over 80 games that’s a lot of dough. Yanks are rich, Sox are rich, heck the Mariners are now rich with a fantastic stadium.

Money doesn’t win championships but if you make a billion dollars a year its less of a big deal when you get a Kevin Brown or a CC Sabathia.

Also, a lot of teams have to carry contracts they don’t want: The Mariners are a good example of that.

Honestly in general what irritates me the most is the small-market teams like Marlins or Pittsburgh that don’t spend money.

Teams like the Yankees and Red Sox basically subsidize those teams and the money given them should be spent not pocketed.

In any event, for whatever reason, the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry (it is a rivalry now—see I give credit where its due) has become the most intense in sports.

That year Boston won four straight and the Series was a good example. In the victory parade that utter moron Pedro Martinez is holding a sign that says: “Jeter is fishing.”

Um we didn’t even play you (Boston) in the series. Not a word was said about the Angels—just the Yanks.

Now the series doesn’t matter- the playoffs don’t matter—all that matters is that we do better than you (Boston) and win games vs ya. I’m pretty sure Boston fans feel the same.

If a rivalry gets so big that championships don’t even matter then maybe its a call to cool off a bit eh?

Whatever the case Boston and New York RULE Baseball and will for a few more years to come.

Hey Boston!

Chill out man its just a game—don’t go crazy if you lose—I actually feel sorry for you guys because its too important in your lives.

That’s also part of what pisses you off though right?

Not only are the Yankees the richest but their fans are fairly nonchalant. We fill the seats (except recently with those $2,500 boxes) and we enjoy winning but in the end we really don’t care.

Hatred is close to Love- Apathy is much much harder to deal with. That NY Apathy is what really infuriates Boston. Thats just mho, of course.

Am I wrong?

Sorry to ramble, but it’s “my way,” lols.

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