MLB Hates the Yankees

June 4, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The breaking news currently scrolling the bottom line of ESPN News: A.J. Burnett has been suspended six games for intentionally throwing “near the head” of Nelson Cruz, while Vicente Padilla has been fined an undisclosed amount for intentionally throwing at Mark Teixeira.

Are you kidding me?

Two pitchers throw at opposing players. One guy gets a six game suspension, the other gets a fine? Are they serious?

Are they aware that Padilla hit Teixeira twice? And that one time was on the shoulder near his head?

Are they aware that Burnett only threw at Cruz once Tex had been plunked twice already, and that he threw near his head, not at it?

Basically, Burnett stood up for his teammate by sending a message without actually hitting anyone. Padilla threw twice at the ex-Ranger in two at-bats, including one near his head (the same offense that Burnett was guilty of), and Burnett gets a lengthy suspension while Padilla only gets a fine.

Something here is rather fishy, to put it lightly.


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