MLB Fantasy Power Rankings (June 14th)

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (one point for each team) is the most points any team can get in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.

The five offensive categories used: HR’s, RBI’s, Runs, Average, and SB’s .

The five pitching categories used: Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

1.(↔) New York Yankees (40-23): The Yankees regained tw o things this week: they are again atop the AL East and lead the league with 135 batting points (tied with the Reds). New York scored in the top-10 in 9-of-10 categories (strikeouts) while winning seven of their last 10. With the rise of Phil Hughes this year there really are no glaring weaknesses on this Yankee team. Still though, they will probably acquire another pitcher to ensure that they have everything needed to repeat.

2.(↔ ) Tampa Bay Rays (40-23): The Rays could be in trouble as far as the AL East lead is considered after this week. The Rays start the week out against the Braves (three games) and finish with the Marlins (three games). Both series are at home, but the Rays are better road team than they are at home. This week will say something about the Rays team, with all the pressure the Yankees are putting on them and Boston breathing down their necks.

3.(↑2) Texas Rangers (35-28): Texas has won 7-of-10 and still lost ground to the Angels. Their below average road record (12-17) will be tested this week as they face the Marlins for three games in Florida. They also play the Astros on the road, but should finish with a series win against the hapless Houston team.

4.(↓ 1) Cincinnati Reds (36-28): The Reds are the only team in the NL Central that have a winning record (14-13) on the road. This is a huge reason why they lead their division by 1.5 games over the Cardinals, it also doesn’t hurt that they scored in the top-six in every offense category to tie the Yankees for the most offensive points this week.

5.(↑ 2) Boston Red Sox (37-28): Dice-K has been placed back on the 15-day DL with forearm issues. Oddly enough, I don’t think this will either hurt or help Boston, but they do need Beckett to come back strong if they intend to catch the Rays and Yankees.

6.(↑ 3) Los Angeles Dodgers (36-27): The Dodgers dropped three straight, and are now a game under .500 on the road. Both of these statistics could get worse as they are set to face the Reds to start the week.

7.(↑ 9) Los Angeles Angels (36-30): The biggest movers of the week, the Angels have won 8-of-10 and sit just a half game back of division leading Texas. The rumor mill has the Angels in the market for a first baseman now that Morales has been declared done for the season.

8.(↓ 4) Toronto Blue Jays (34-30): Well Toronto has fallen four spots in our Fantasy Power Rankings and after going 3-7 in their last ten, have dropped to 6.5 games back for the AL East lead. It looks like the descent took a little longer than expected, but they are out of the playoff race in my eyes. 

9.(↓ 1) San Diego Padres (37-26): San Diego continues to play well, and have the best record in the NL. The Padres have a ridiculous 2.97 team ERA and a very nice 1.19 WHIP. If they can keep these numbers in this area, they will certainly make the playoffs and possibly have home-field in the NL race.

10.(↑1) San Francisco Giants (35-27): As usual, the Giants scored in the top-10 in every pitching category, and with the help of Buster Posey, their offense is starting to show some life again. San Fran swept the A’s and are 7-3 in their last ten to sit just 1.5 games back in their division and just a half game back in the Wild Card race.

11.(↓ 1) Minnesota Twins (36-27): The Twins have the third best record in the AL, a catastrophic event would have to happen for them not to make the playoffs.

12.(↓ 6) St. Louis Cardinals (34-29): The Cardinals are in the bottom ten in just one category, but in the top ten in just two.

13.(↓1) Atlanta Braves (37-27): Atlanta has the NL East lead by 1.5 games over the Mets, more importantly, the Phillies are 3.5 back.

14.(↓ 1) New York Mets (35-28): The Mets have four solid pitchers in their rotation, I just don’t see them winning the division or the Wild Card.

15.(↓1) Colorado Rockies (33-30): Colorado swept the powerful Blue Jays but are still four games back of division leading San Diego.

16.(↓ 1) Florida Marlins (31-32): Rookie Mike Stanton is batting .368 through his first week after being called up. The power will come soon.

17.(↔ ) Washington Nationals (31-33): We all know what is going on with the Nationals, but will it be enough to finish above .500?

18.(↑ 2) Chicago Cubs (28-35): Ted Lilly pitched a gem against the White Sox yesterday, going 8+ IP allowing just one hit.

19.(↑ 2) Kansas City Royals (27-37): Greinke finally got his second win of the season on Sunday and lowered his ERA to 3.94.

20.(↓ 1) Milwaukee Brewers (26-37): According to these rankings the Brewers have the seventh best offense, and fourth worst pitching.

21.(↑ 5) Chicago White Sox (28-34): The White Sox were able to put together a season-long four-game win streak to help move up five spots.

22.(↔) Oakland Athletics (32-33): Oakland’s power numbers, as predicted, is their one major weakness.

23.(↑ 1) Arizona Diamondbacks (26-38): Just 37 of a possible 150 pitching points.

24.(↓ 1) Detroit Tigers (33-29): The Tigers just swept the Pirates but still drop a spot at week’s end.

25.(↓7) Philadelphia Phillies (32-29): Chase Utley’s numbers: .256/10/26.

26.(↔ ) Seattle Mariners (24-39): The Mariners are just 2-8 in their last 10. There is no hope; bye, bye Cliff Lee!

27.(↔ ) Houston Astros (25-39): After being swept by the Yankees, the Astros sit 11.5 games back in the Wild Card race.

28.(↑ 1) Cleveland Indians (25-37): The Indians finally called up top-prospect Carlos Santana, so they have that going for them.

29.(↓ 1) Pittsburgh Pirates (23-40): When you score in the bottom two in 6-of-12 categories you can’t expect much.

30.(↔) Baltimore Orioles (17-46): Well, at least the Orioles were able to win one game last week.

Best Offense: (135) New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds

Best Pitching: (141) San Diego Padres  

Worst Offense: (19) Houston Astros

Worst Pitching: (16) Baltimore Orioles

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